London Calling

Kathy and I left on our trip to London on Thursday. We arrived there just as it was getting dark and almost immediately I did the dumbest thing, walked away from the bus stop that I knew would take us to Western. Accoding to the maps fron London Transit it appeared that there was a bus terminal downtown and I though it’d be a good idea to get to it so we can get some transit maps and make sure we were going where we wanted to. We wandered, got lost and I got very annoyed. It was so humid as well, all I wanted to do was sit down and have some ice cream. We wandered over by the river behind a museum but we didn’t stay there long, I was eager to find the damn bus again. We did find it eventually after figuring out that we were not at a walking distance to Western. The bus ride was OK, we did get off on the wrong stop since in the afternoon the bus takes a different course through the school. Western doesn’t have maps around campus showing where you are relative to other buildings, WLU has many of them and it is on one block, I only saw two at Western.

The campus was nice, not as big as I was expecting and it has a lot of neat stuff like $4 movies at their cinema. On Friday we wandered around campus trying to figure out where stuff was and some other prep investigation stuff for kathy, she should have fun there, enough building have cold A/C so it should be good. Saturday we went to the malls of the city and walked from a park back to Western, that was quite a trip. The river looked pretty and there were plenty of people fishing.

We switched our tickets early to get out of London since we were kind of done with the city and didn’t want to carry a full backpack throughout it.

We stayed at the Western Hotel which seemed to be the only hotel at that part of the city. We stayed in an apt style res and actually had to stay with two other people, which kind of sucked. It was so hot I wish I could have strolled around nude in there. Damn old people, I don’t know why they were staying there, we didn’t really talk to them. The building was made in 99 and kind of sucked, it looked very student housing except for the kitchen. The stuff they provided in the hotel was pretty ghetto, a bed that felt like it was a plastic egg or something, if you got near the edge it felt like you were going to just roll off. It made sleep pretty uncomfortable. The shower curtain wasn’t as big as the opening of the shower so we couldn’t get very wet and wild. The cabinet under the sink has the insulation exposed and later in the trip we believe the mouse that was in the bathroom came from there.

Kitty missed me, he meowed a lot. Last night he slept right beside my chest, I think he wanted to make sure Trixie wasn’t coming back and to make sure I was still here. Poor little guy. Tom hissed at him all weekend, he has had nothing but hissing cats for over 2 weeks now. Henry played with him though.

I’m sleepy now, I wonder if Kitty will continue to sleep by me or if he will go by my feet.

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