I’m Sleepy

Kathy made some very yummy french fries with the skin still on, yum. I am sleepy today, very sleepy. I plan to go shower and than sleep right after. I have suckered Chris into driving me to Brantford, hopefully he won’t have his car stolen or car jacked or something while we are on the way there. Some more bombs blew up in London, meh. I made some very good and yummy cake, unfortunately no one is really eating it so it is getting dry and stale, you bastards, it was a very good cake. The dvil’s chocolate had some extra chewy chocolate bits, very delicious. I was eating my crackers at work again and they were asking how I was not always constipated by the amount of chocolate I eat. If only they knew the amount of cake batter I ate. I think I am going to lease a transponder, even if I don’t use it often or use it when I’m in a big hurry or if there is a collision somewhere I can save time here and there. Yay paragraphs.

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