Did something different today

Today was my day to redo day 3 of week 1. Instead I took my bike home from my parents house and oh lord I do not use my thighs at all.  By the time I reached the park down the street they were burning. I was likely using muscle groups that never come up in running or walking or watching TV and it burned. I was on one of the slower gears but it didn’t seem to matter at all, i’m not sure if it has to do just purely with the motion because even early on I didn’t over exert myself at all. It just seemed to hurt doing the motion.  My bike is a little compact compared to how other people’s bikes are but I think it is just because of my longer legs.  I ended up biking for 3.4kms, not that far overall but man I am out of shape.

I think I will postpone my run until tomorrow because I do want it to be a success. Oh poop, I forgot to get headphones. My parents pipe to their hose developed a crack in an elbow joint and I tried replacing it, I was able to get the old piece off however I was having trouble getting the new piece on.  I initially got the elbow on and it looked well however the weight of the valve made it come out. Apparently I just melted a whole lot of solder around the seam but none of it got sucked into it. My bigger frustration was my wife’s attitude during the whole thing, she did it last time and just seemed to come up with every reason why it wouldn’t work and not come up with any solutions of why or how we could make it work.  It was really frustrating to listen to. I think it is in part from being at work where it is always just go go go. Oh well, she will have new parts and will give it another try tomorrow.

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