I still suck at pool

It has been so long, I miss playing it, I had a free hour so it came out to 1.26. I don’;t miss paying for it, it got ‘spensive sometimes. Lazy rainy day. I got called by a headhunter, I think they tossed out my resume as soon as they got it since she sounded like she was in a hurry and would send a package immediately. I didn’t get anything so I guess I suck again. Which I agree with. I thought I had more stuff to write about but it is appearing that maybe I don not. Yesterday I slept in until noon today I slept in until 9.30. I guess I am no longer a night owl. Oh well now to do the depressing work of looking at my resume.

2 thoughts on “I still suck at pool

  1. Hey Dean!

    I miss playing pool too. But, once I got there, I didn’t really feel like it. :)

    You don’t suck! You’re an amazing person! I didn’t know you were looking for another job. What type of position?

    Good luck with that!



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