Sloth like

I just ate soup and I am starving. Unfortunately the whoppers I had for lunch were disgusting, worse still the incompetent person at the counter couldn’t get the money off my gift card, les sigh.

I have pretty much just done passive web surfing all day, I just haven’t felt like actually doing anything that requires moving or thinking including exercise or resume updating. Worse still when I am at work I feel very over weight and disgusting.

I guess everybody is like this lately. Part of this I think is coupled with being worried about having jobs being streamlined at work. It certainly would suck :/ Even with that I have been looking at cameras online more and more, not sure if I am really, truly interested yet or if it is just consumerism to get me out of my funk.

Oh well hopefully I will soon turn into a spagetti monster.

2 thoughts on “Sloth like

  1. hey deano,
    it your old buddy dave… I know how you feel about feeling disgusting and fat at work… I guess excercise is the answer… but motivation is needed to suceed with that. It’s prob just the winter blues and it’s only feb, but things will hopefully get better.
    I was surfing facebook and saw that mario is now engaged, I haven’t talked to that guy in years. I guess people just do their own thing and forget about friendships that were important in there lives… even if it was back in the day. I’m not just talking about him in particular, but it’s good to see you and Kathy are still doing well and your next step after marriage is a house, so I wish you all the best luck with your future.
    who knows… maybe friendships that were important could come back in the future, time will tell.

    peace from toronto east

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