almost sick

My fishtank is full of a poisonous concoction of nitrates and gold fish poo, I really should ditch the goldfish but I dont have anywhere to put them. I started cleaning up and doing water changes regularly last month but the nitrates were very high to begin with so it will take some time to bring it down. Today with having my arm in water and going outiside 3 times and then bringing the hose from the garage my body did not like all the temperature changes and I felt sick, almost to the point of throwing up, and almost to the point of just shivering non stop. I couldn’t seem to warm up anymore. Even a shower didn’t help, I did fill up the tub and got most of me in it and that did help, although my stomach was still very turney. After almost falling a sleep I felt a lot better,and getting out of the tub is a pain, I am way too tall for it. Die Hard 3 also helped.

I got to eat at Wildwings the other day for Laura’s Birthday (happy Birthday) and it was pretty good, Jay has been raving about the place and trying to get people to go for a while, only downside is that it is more expensive then other places on their wing night’s oh well. I want to have a taco day, it would be delicious because of all of the tacos involved.

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