Oh Harper, why are you being so over the top douchey. Almost cartoony in seeing what you can get away, and all of it for just the stupidest reasons. If only he could focus on reducing beraucacy a bit, and have the gov commit on city project sooner.


I have a test coming up on Wednesday, it seems like such a crap shoot as to weather I pass or not, and it doesn’t really represent what they want you to learn very much, kind of a waste.

I am still so amazed by american commercials, they are so bad, I will always be amazed by the sheer amount of cartoon spokespeople they have in commercials, I keep expecting commercials to start resembling Robocop commercials or Running Man. Actually I did confuse a real commercial for a robocop commercial when it was on a few weeks ago and a robocop commercial for a real commercial.

Got to see Running Man again yesterday, almost missed it since the info was screwed up.

I apparently let the grass go to wild, the crab grass seems to have just exploded to the point that some of the lawn is useless, scary how it can do that.

Sushi soon, yum yum yum.

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