failure again

most of my posts seem to be about failure. I slipped out on my last 2 attempts due to rain and due to a combination of muscle soreness/hockey/not wanting to. I stupidly decided to try week 2 which has 90 second runs and i suck, the first one felt like it was going on forever, the third one I paused halfway through to give myself a moment and then I continued, I turned it off halfway through the fourth and gave up for the day and just walked home. I can be so negative and down on myself, especially during the failures. I wonder what the point of it all is, it hurts so much and there is so much pain, it would be just so much easier not to.

During the first running segment I knew it wasn’t going to go well, I felt so much slower and so low energy. I was thinking I felt pretty thirsty as well, that didn’t come into play at all but I certainly don’t want to have or use one of those water carrying belts, they look so weird and useless.

I have discovered my big weedy patch behind my shed is Ground Ivy which is a formidable foe that can sprout from any leaf or stem left behind. I got some chemical herbicide from my dad and sprayed it all around, hopefully that will shrink the area to give the grass a chance. This stuff can just take over and choke off grass from even growing.

On the way home today I saw a dachshund crossed with a chihuahua, it was just sad to see. The head had pointy ears that were up with a pointy nose with the long weiner dog body. It just looked so wrong and ugly, I can only imagine a chihuahua’s head on a doberman’s, blood hound’s, or a great dane’s body. The head is so undersized, it looks like it is from Men In Black. I can’t recall if I wrote about it before but in line at Petsmart someone had two bloodhounds in line in front of me, I didn’t realize they were giant, I always pictured them to be the size of a small lassie, the dog’s looked like they were bigger than most labradours.

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