Good session today

I actually finished completely today. During my second last running session I thought it was my last one and was pushing myself since my calf started to tense up, afterwards I counted it out and realized I had one more to go.  I was really disappointed since it was so hard to do the last one, I didn’t think I had one more in me.  Thankfully I was wrong and was able to push myself again, my breathing was getting more ragged but I did it.  Not sure if the raggedness was due to the cold wind, it really dried out my throat.  This time around I made sure to land on the middle of my foot under me, it seemed to help a lot.  I was trying to prevent that before because I didn’t think it was good for my arches, but it is the proper form.  Anyways, yay, go me.

Right after I felt normal, not really tired, not soar, not gasping for breath, it was kind of weird, I was expecting more effects after to remind me that I was pushing my fat self.


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