Attempt two for twenty fifteen

Shortness of breath, blisters on my heel, weeziness in my lungs, muscle pain in my foot, calf feeling strained. It’s just like I started running again. I am out of shape, and need to work on my lung capacity. Hopefully that will improve naturally as it warms up, it is hard breathing in nothing but cold air. I hope I don’t get sick from the weeziness afterwards. It feels like there is fluid in my lungs.

I am running with my Nike dualmax shoes, they have no air pad, but they so far don’t seem to be doing the trick. My knees ate feeling stiff and my ankles like they can feel every time I hit the ground. I almost got another pair of Pegasus but I returned them the next day. I don’t want to drop $70 on a pair of shoes that might last me 15 runs if I am lucky. I did get a return authorization for my broken pair, I need to send them back. Hopefully it isn’t too costly to do so.

I ran 3k today, more like ran and walked, the last km took me 8 minutes to do. My first km is still as slow as ever, it took me 7.15 to do. If I want to get involved in any sort of race this year I need to get faster. First though I need to be able to run 5k again without stopping. Looking at my history is sad since I ran 10k just before I stopped, if only I did something to try and maintain that our even 5k. I have put on all my weight again and feel back into bad habits that are somewhat easy to avoid like drinking pop.

I ran for the first time last week. It was a bad run, I was expecting to be able to do 3k easy and take a couple of breaks to get to 5k. I was putting everything I had into 2.5k and that included a lot of walking. I don’t think I even was able to continuously run out of the neighborhood. So far I haven’t put C25K back on my phone but I did think about it. Not sure if I need structure interval training to get me back to 5k or if I just need to get out and run. I guess I’ll see. My knees feel so warm, I hope I don’t need to get new shoes already but it will get me to mail my broken shoes back.

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