W5d3 done


I wanted to run yesterday but work through a wrench into that plan. I couldn’t run at lunch and then it went long onto the night so I couldn’t use the track at the community centre. Today they were setting up for an event so I couldn’t go for a lunch run again. I got to use my parents treadmill and really didn’t feel like running today after work or at lunch but I tried and persisted and I did it.

My calves are burning today and it hurt at 6 minutes, I felt like giving up so much. Not sure if it was better or worse that I could see the time, probably worse since I could see each and every minute tick by. The amazing race was what I had on the tablet today, it helped a little bit but it was the first episode so it took a while to get interesting.

According to the treadmill me running for 20 minutes and walking for 3 put my on a place for 9 minutes a km. That is 45 minutes for a 5k. It just seems wrong. Near the end, I think with 7 minutes to go I slowed down from 4.6 to 4.4, eventually to 4.0 with an incline of 2 instead of 3. I am a sweaty mess, I hope it gets better or isn’t as bad at the track because I can’t go to work this sweaty. I don’t think I’ll run tomorrow, it is warning up on Saturday, maybe I can do an outdoor run.

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