Kitty is being a silly. He loves the laser, but as soon as it is turned off he starts looking for it. He is jonesing for it. We usually have it show up by his tail or ass which in turn freaks him out since he doesn’t like it back there, like it is sneaking up on him. Now when the laser is turned off he usually is always glancing behind him to see if it is there. He gets so paranoid to the point that he will walk away from where he was standing and back up against a wall that he feels safe with. It is rather cute.

Chris tells me I must do many tasks in the upcoming future, I hope I don’t let him down. I am a little scared going in, I hope I can remember everyones name and not make an ass out of myself since I’ll be there for a long, long time.

I helped Katty dye her hair reddish. She is as purdy as ever, I got to help make her hair greasey!

The words are flowing very oddly in this entry, meh.

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