Sigh, I woke up today rolling over to go back to sleep and wham, vertigo from rolling over to my right side in bed. Had it happen a few more times from rolling on one side to another, I thought I was getting better. When I actually did got up I again felt very nauseous and it was a chore getting dressed without wanting to throw up. I was disappointed since I thought I was well on my way to getting better. I am worried that tis will be something that I can’t hake and will be with me for life. It didn’t help that I wanted to get up early to see if I can win a $500 gift certificate from Henry’s. My stomach eventually calmed down bit I was feeling carsick as we drew close, unfortunately we couldn’t make it all the way there and Katty had to pull over in front of Home Depot where I promptly got out and threw up in front of the store. I threw up about 5 times in front while people were walking int the store, a few were looking at me with curiosity, was I really that hammered from last night? At least the puking was over quickly and relatively painlessly, I had a few glasses of water in the morning since I was also feeling dehydrated in the morning so 4 of them were clear, pretty much just water, the fifth had a bit of bile and crackers that I had for breakfast. I never threw up just water before, I am sure it must have been an interesting sight, from what I could see it was! Just a stream of water coming out of me like from a TV show. We ended up waiting in line for a cold, windy hour.

The winds today were pushing 70 but could gust up to 90 km/h, and it started to snow. A guy in front ended up getting the $500 certificate, he apparently won last time as well. I was no too clear but I think he may have been a winner 3 times. Oh well the odds were good so it was worth a try. I was surprised by how many people were lined up already since we arrived with an hour to go. I was also surprised to see that some guy was in line with a hoodie and shorts, no coat, not much of anything else, except for a baby and a stroller. That kid must have been freezing, with an hour more to go. I think after about 30 minutes he took his kid to the car. I had an uneventful drive back and felt fine, Katty went back later in the day to get a filter for me since the store wasn’t open yet and I wasn’t sure what size I needed.

I got a few more vertigo spells while laying down moving my head to the side, almost threw up there. I got annoyed especially since the nasal spray didn’t seem to be helping anymore so I tried out something the Dr. mentioned he would try if it didn’t go away. The epley maneuver is pretty much lie back and twist your head quickly to dislodge the ear rocks and get them to go back where they came from. I gave that a couple of tries and I was completely disoriented when I sat back up. Sadly the delicious pulled pork that was made had to wait even longer, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep anything down. Oh this is what I have by the way, BENIGN PAROXYSMAL POSITIONAL VERTIGO
Pretty much a calcium build up broke off and floated towards the parts of my inner ear that detect motion. Usually the build up will get reabsorbed by the body in a couple of months but the website had one troubling stat, this can reoccur within 5 years. So now I am not sure if I should get a season’s pass to wonderland, sigh. I was really looking forward to it this year but I am worried I might have other ear rocks floating around. Don’t even know where I got the current ones that are floating in there, it mostly comes from hitting your head or age, I haven’t done either.

Queasy E

I am still feeling queasy in my hour long car rides to and from work. I am still feeling gross after too, right now I am laying down for about 90 minutes and still feel weird, hopefully perogies will fix it. I feel pretty tired too, Katty is sick as well, feeling tired and sick so hopefully I just have the cold or something. I am skeptical but maybe that would explain why it hit me so badly in a day as opposed to a cause that would escalate over time.

I have a fairly big meeting tomorrow, not sure how it will go, the format is a little weird.

There are some cheap photos available right now in 8×10 sizes but I never really see any pictures that I want to print, I need to mark them as I tae them so I don’t have to go back.

I sent Chris a link to the story about robo calls claiming to be from Elections Canada getting people to go to the wrong polling station. He immediately wrote back that Liberals do these dirty tricks too and thus isn’t a big deal. I was shocked that he didn’t look beyond parties and just see that his is bad for democracy and that if this is allowed and tolerated than really whoever has the money can pretty much elect whoever they want, I hope they elect someone I like. I’m not sure why he thinks that or why he is so PC, just a few years ago he was so hardcore liberal. I guess he thought it was a trivial ‘trick’ but it is a serious matter with jailtime attached. It doesn’t put much faith in the system unless it gets dealt with.

Nothing Happened to me in 2011

Apparently, I was just looking at my posts and I didn’t make any posts in 2011. If I was doing a 365 days thing such as not posting for a different reason each day than I succeeded, YES!!!! This is what success feels like.

2011 started with me getting a new job at Zellers in planning, a nice step up, especially since I was told previously I couldn’t make it to that level, and I finished the year moving to Home Outfitters as a planner. Lots of things happened in between such as finding out the stores were sold to Target so I probably wouldn’t have a job past 2013, this 2 weeks after my promotion. Lots of other non job related stuff happened as well throughout the year. I finished my CMA program with my group, it was an interesting and tough year for the last few projects. Didn’t seem to learn a lot from it, a lot of it made sense but it seemed obvious. I do hope that it helped me be more organized in my thinking and the way. I guess I will see.

I have gone to Detroit a few times, had a fun shopping experience there, buffalo too. I seem to like JC Penny a lot. I got a bunch more ties and started wearing them more often. I even learned how to tie a bow-tie with a lot of Kathy’s help.

At the moment nothing else really comes to mind so maybe I didn’t do too much. I did think about getting a RC plane but after seeing how likely I would just crash it into the ground and lose everything, how expensive they are, and how big they are it really didn’t seem worth it. It’s not something I could simply toss into the backseat of my car and go with.

I did have the most delicious poutine at Poutinis in Toronto, oh man. It was a pulled pork poutine and it even had bacon on the bottom, way better than Smoke’s poutine. The poutine at the Rockton Worlds Fair was horrible too. It didn’t even have cheese curds, just shredded cheese which disappeared into the gravy. The demo derby was fun with a lot of mayhem. The Harrow fair was fun too although it seems to have less every year. Someone did submit a peacock cross stitch, the same one Kathy has been working on for years now. She found a lot of mistakes in it, and than noticed that it still needed some work to match the pattern but she might have just stopped and was sick of doing it anymore.

Hmmmm I can’t think of anything else from 2011


First post with my blackberry. This Madonna song on during the superbowl is pretty horrible. Very hoRrible. If it was anything else it would get turned off. So bad, and creepy with the cheerleader theme. For this she should have stuck with all old songs, nobody wants to here her newer stuff.

I started to take a few more pictures lately, mostly city scapes at night. It is a little frustrating at how many local options I have. I don’t really feel like driving 40 minutes out of town to snap a few pics for 10 minutes to turn around and go home. I should take advantage of this warm winter to get night shots though, otherwise I’d have to stay up to get the pics.

Work has been weird lately, I guess there is opportunity to lead and mold the vision, not a lot of room to move upwards though, but safe for now.


oh battlestar, how I missed you.

Somehow I watched most of Battlestar Galactica season 1 on Sunday. Looking at my bill it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, guess I should have got the UK edition which I dont think would have any applied.

I switched jobs, new place seems to not have the clearest of goals and as such can change.

Maybe I’ll write more later.

sick with a broken filling

Well my filling is really broken but a part of it broke off. Now if I run my tongue across my tooth I can feel very jagged edges. Almost feels like I was eating popcorn and part of it got stuck between my teeth. It broke/got chipped /whatever from pizza I think, it wasn’t hard bread or anything, at first I thought a part of the read got stuck but after a bit I concluded that I lost a filling, after checking the mirror at home and from talking with Katty on the car ride home we came to the conclusion that I probably am missing part of my filling since luckily there has been no pain.

I’m not sure if I expressed to Katty exactly how afraid I am of this, I told her but don’t think she realizes how shaken I am to my core. I have a death grip on the chair during cleanings let alone when they actually have to drill. Images of them having to redrill the tooth further to get a new and better fitting filling makes me break into a cold, cold sweat. Worse still when I was examining myself in the mirror the trouble is on a tooth where it is more filling then tooth, so now I am worried that they might just have to yank the whole thing or do other weird mouth stuff. I use the bite blocks for normal drilling, at least this tooth is closer to the front.

Finally the tooth, or the newly exposed filling metal is leaving a pretty weird taste in my mouth, combined with being sick it is pretty gross. I can only hope that I am not experiencing mercury poisoning but instead getting some sort of super power. If my power is having gross lips when waking up and messed up dreams than checkmark!

I have an appointment for the end of the month, I guess I will call tomorrow to see if I should come in sooner. I am worried that the jagged hooks left behind will catch on food and yank the whole filling out as well as my happiness

Not much going on

Saw a fox in the road the other day, maybe someday I will go live in its trees and try to find it, he was a cute little dog. Went to Wonderland yesterday, it rained in the morning so it was less busy then it would normally be. The wind on vortex made my cavities hurt. Near the end of the day there was pretty much no line on vortex. Some other rides didn’t have lines during the middle of the day like Jet Scream and Sky Rider. Fun times was had. I am still pretty freaked out by Behemoth, I can’t keep my arms in the air, it feels like I will slip out. My eyes hurt, not sure if it is from the sun or the wind.


I was at the TSC store and they had tonnes of seeds all set up so I can plant my field, they should put up some banners saying play Farmville today. It was weird they had potatoes on the shelf, it would have been easier to put potato seeds there instead, what craziness.

This one had a bigger clothing section and I have never seen 8 feet of John Deere hats but I have now, and Caterpillar T shirts. Great stuff for Halloween. I loved the farm toy kits, it consisted of a few tractors, an ATV, a couple of trailers and a couple of pick up trucks, no cars, no hybrids, all lolz.

The feed store didn’t have the big bags of Guinea Pig food in-stock at the moment, still kind of surprised that they even carry it, the rabbit food makes sense since it says on the package that it is food to grow the bunny for eatings, presumably that will be the end goal for most farmers. They had some really nice and fancy copper bird houses. I guess copper is making a comeback and it wasn’t a little copper but a lot of it was copper, it looked really nice and as it turned out very expensive. The more elaborate bird house was around $300, the simpler ones were 100 to 150. I hope those things have a big mark up because a lot of the bird houses there were a lot more expensive then I would imagine they should be. They had simple wood ones at the door that looked like the kind a kid would make in shop class for $40, maybe it was $30, either way we need weaker child labour laws clearly! The weirdest part of that store was they had a guy behind the counter that reminded me a lot of the pretty boys from the Flintones, not quite sure what it was, maybe he had long eye lashes. Apparently he reminded me of Stoney Curtis. The Flintstones have given me a very broad education.

The other day on the way home there was collision on the bridge with two cars, not 2 car lengths away was another 2 car collision on the other side of the divided road, I wonder which two cars had the crash first and which two rubber-necked. The carpool is 4 people strong at the moment and it is so nice to be chauffeured in more often, I filled up my car on Sunday and I drove twice but still have gas in my tank, yay!.

I went to see a Queen cover band on Tuesday, the show was really good, they went through a lot of the songs that Queen did and put on the type of show that Queen would do, just at a lower budget since they aren’t selling out stadiums. Lots of running around on stage and costume changes. He even came out in drag for one part and grabbed some guys head and shoved it into his faux cleavage for around 20 seconds, it was a pretty good show.

I love this sweet sauce chicken stuff Katty makes, when ever I think about it I drool a little bit and want to eat more. Even with a car full of stuff I wanted to stop at Zehrs to get some more, it didn’t matter that I had peanuts or some really delicious chocolate bars (really good bars) I would have given it all up just for this sauce, I need the sauce badly apparently.

On the homework front I have been getting it done steadily, right now I am procrastinating a bit, earlier with driving around a little bit enjoying the sunshine. I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the nice days since I had some homework that I needed to get done because of some earlier procrastination. Today and tomorrow I am hoping I cross off a couple of other things off of my list so I can enjoy my Sunday a bit more and work a head during the week. With all of this hard work I will hopefully be able to purchase one of these fancy $900,000 homes, I think the counters inside are marble! and you must see the outhouse, it has his and her facilities, there is a toilet with a funnel next to it so it can be used by 2 people at the same time, simply marvelous, that is the type of luxury you should expect.

Fancy House, Fancy Pants

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My procrastination seems to slowly being cured, I have that to look forward to if I want to be a productive member of society. I am still afraid of what my workload will look like in the future and I am living week to week like the drunks do (as Hank Hill would say, he is a sage). Another addiction reference. At work a couple of people probably think I am a stoner, I go out for lunch and when I come back I seem spaced out and can’t remember the simplest details like if we work on Easter Monday, apparently we do. The school rots your brain, always giving Easter Monday off, and they rose my expectations of the bus, shit man didn’t I get to ride that shit for free to get to school.

What a day

At liquidation World they had stuffed Homer Simpson’s, they werelike 3 feet tall. I was weak but Kathy prevented me friom wasting my money on it. I did get a stuffed squirrel. At the moment it is staring at me from across the room on the desk. It is more then a little creepy.
I had today off and what better way to spend it then get drilled by the dentist. It has been about 10 years or so, I didn’t think I would be too afraid but I forgot all about getting the initial needle, and I tensed up. My hands stayed scrunched all throughout even though it was completely pain free. I have been use to immense pain while going to the dentist, I could feel the drilling but this was a walk in the park. The place itself is neat with TVs mounted on the ceiling and your choice of what to watch. I saw the episode of Friends when Phoebe admits that a pimp spit into her mouth.
Sleep was rough yesterday, I had a cat food bowl in here at night to relieve Buster’s food stress and Stella empties it with her paw to play with the pieces. At night it is loud and irritating and I couldn’t get her to stop, I take her away and she’d just jump back there and make more noise.
I need to eat more vegetables and by vegetables I mean fruit, I have been gassy and smelly lately.

My Feet Hurt

I spent a shift working in the store yesterday and my feet hurt. Owie owie. I can’t believe how mny people came in for the xmas tree and such. I remameber one person that was there waiting for the hourly specials from 6 to 10 for the pots. So creepy. She bought lotto tickets in between.

Buster was good last night. I guess he was feeling neglected deopite the fact that I walked him to his food dish at 4am. He is apprently scared of the kitten.

Time to do stuff