Katty had her grad ceremony on Saturday, it went pretty well, unfortunately most of the pics I took did not turn out at all : /

Kitty saw a baby bird in the grass and when he was looking at it the bird’s parents dive bombed him until he was inside.

I right now just feel like a lump and don’t want to move, I am actually dreading going to work tomorrow, I want to do more nothingness but hate that I am not using the time effectively, I can do so many things now that I have the time but don’t feel like doing anything at all.


Liquidation World had a whole bunch of extra star wars figures, not the regular action figures but it looked like they belong to some other sets or something. There were so many of them that they didn’t even bother cutting the plastic tray that they were in and they were being sold just as a figure in a platic tray, no cardboard, no picture, nothing. I guess they realized the episode one stuff just wasn’t going to sell and they made a few too many figures.

Did end up getting a juicer though just a day after my parents bought a smoothie maker/mixer thing thinking it was a juicer. An apple, orange, pear and half a lemon make a lot of juice and looks pretty gross as the three liquids settle at different heights, one of them was brown, gih.

I planted the other two sunflowers since they were outgrowing their cups, most of the other ones that were planted straight in the garden don’t seem to be doing well, ie they aren’t really growing. The butterfly mix seems to be doing well, hopefully a bunch of bugs will be coming.

I have narrowed down my cell phone choices, the two entry level ones with camera phones cost money to take the pictures off the phone as the bluetooth functionality they have is limited to working with ear pieces. So I can go for the cheap 50 phone or spend 100 more for the fastap one for easier text messaging, at least it is narrowed down. I might as well use the phone I have for a lot longer.

The cat is off chasing a fly around the living room and having a lot of fun doing so running back and forth and swiping into the air. Sometimes furiously attacking the windows while he does it.

I picked up Blazing Lasers on the Wii virtual console made for Turbo Grafix 16. That game is pretty fun, it is I guess a basic fighter in space shooter where you just endlessly pick up powerups. You pretty much pick up a new powerup of some sort every 5-8 seconds, most of them I have no idea what they do, great game though. Next time I buy points online though I will be putting in Alberta as the province to see if I pay less taxes or just buy it from work. I got a Best Buy gift card for my birthday, I could use it but I get a discount at work. I have no idea how to most effectively use the card since most of the things I want/need I can get at Zellers. I still haven’t shaved my head, I should, oh well time for nada much.

Sun is hot

And my arms looked pink by the time I go home, it sort of looked like I was glowing and radioactive, at least to me. Woke up at 8 and walked on a journey to seek out the best Telus phone. I discovered that there are cameras on all the phones because they are 0.3 MP, ick. There is a Nokia that is 2 but than I believe I’d have to get a micro SD card and still get it unlocked, blah, too much of a hassle and I don’t want to be raped with fees for doing stuff I should be able to do for free like put ringtones on my phone, oh well. So far it looks like it’ll be $100 out of my pocket.

I burnt my finger on a sparkler, as it was running down the pole I apparently grabbed the red hot part when the sparks were done flying, whoops. The hostess cake was selicious though, I don’t remember what it is called, Mr. Giggle? That’s funny.

So I got two free muffins from two seperate Jack Astor visits on Friday and a free meal from Casey’s, there Fish and Chips isn’t fish enough for me.

Tasks for me to do is
get cat food
get a phone
get some fishing supplies
get a dc fan for my car