sick but recovering

I woke up this morning thinking it was over, that I was better but I still had mucus and my body decided to keep it in my sinuses. Same thing happened last time I was sick too. never had any sinus issues previously. It is amazing how much it can hurt.

Been eating nutella for lunch at work lately, the biggest proble is just waking up early enough to have time to make it. I never think about it before going to bed.

The guinea pig has twice gotten out of his cage in the backyard. Not sure how long he was wandering the yard with the cats. They didn’t present us his head as a gift. Still am not sure if Stella saw him out there b/c she likes playing and she is rough. She bites the other cats and jumps on them so her back claws land on them. When the pig is in the cage she constatly bats at him. Yesterday I was watching the pig roaming the grass and eating and Stella started licking him, his behind.

I’ll see if I can keep up in writing in my bloggy blog