My neices were playing baseball on the Wii and almost got us added to the list of tv’s broken. The younger one was spazzing out and even though she has been fanatical about keeping the wriststrap on it still got loose and she let go of the controller and it went flying towards to the tv. Luckily, very luckily it hit the stand beneathe of it. I was in the kitchen playing Scrabble when all of a sudden boom was heard. She has been hiding in one of the bedrooms for a couple of hours now embarrassed over it and feeling dissappointed I guess. I went up and told her that the tv is now flickering on and off with some smoke coming out of the stand. Later I came up to tell her that my parents were crying because the tv was almost broken. I still haven’t been able to find the other battery from the wii’s remote. I hope it still works at least.

My $10 comforter smells very badly, I assume cargo crates and China smell very bad.

Sandal Delivery

Some guy was making a delivery from a nearby pita place in his sandals without socks on. The place is nearby but he did at least drive, not that I am advocating driving. Put some socks on, and get some shoes, scary.

I just came back from getting one lonely can of chilli at 9.36pm. I was considering picking up a bag of chips and 2L of Pepsi but they weren’t completely on sale. They were a part of the buy more, save more sales. In this instance get two pops for $3 or 2 bags of chips for $5. I only wanted one pop and one chip bag, I ended up just getting my lonely chilli. In my mind I could barely justify spending $1.50 for 2L of Pepsi but I did not need4L of the stuff and didn’t want to buy the Pepsi at it’s regular price. Same with the chips, especially with the chips, they would just make me chunkier and they seem to just be spiraling upwards price wise, it is tougher to just get a bag for a buck, they use to be everywhere. The warehouse store had some, guess I’ll be going back. They seem to be better for that at least than Costco or Sam’s Club since their chips are the ‘clubsize’ packs which are about a pound or two in weight and possibly 3 kilo’s of air. I don’t want to go overboard, I just want cheap chips. Les Sigh.

I dragged Kathy out to the Wonders of Winter again and took a few more pictures, they didn’t turn out as well as I might have hoped but it was cold and getting much colder quickly. I think the horse that they had trotting around was getting quite the full diaper, in fact I am sure of it, he was smelly. The kids must have had fun on that ride. The pciures were a bit weird due to the lights, they looked somewhat blurry, some looked a bit foggy without much good detail in them, oh well I’m not going back out there. I am not sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow actually. I find New Year’s Eve and day rather boring, not much o do, it is cold. I guess most of my friends get tickets to go to events and such, no one wants to play a good ole board game, maybe I’ll bust out Atmosfear or Scrabble.

Now to make the chilli.

Damn Movies

Who knew that there are tonnes of people trying to get into the movie theatre.
McDonald’s just played a weird ad for their chicken nuggests, ewwww. I feel so bored and out of it today, I played DDR a bit but it is slow going since I have to unlock a bunch before playing stuff a bit more quickly paced.

Driving Bastards

4 seperate attempts at different times with different cars. I clearly signal that I want to change lanes and do my checks, when I am about to go the car in the llane I want to go in that is behind speeds up suddenly not allowing me in. No real reason either I signaled and there wasn’t that much traffic to make it super busy or anything. The last time it happened really pissed me off though since my lane was ending and I had to merge I signaled and the fucking minivan sped up a lot. All I could really do was blare my horn though. The shoulder was paved and really wide so I guess I could have forced them into oncoming traffic or something. Maybe next time, just maybe. If you see a red Grand Am on the road, (and honestly when don’t you see a red Grand Am on the road) pull over or I will shoving you into another lane.

Rayman’s Raving Rabbids is an incredibly fun game, I am glad I didn’t return it, I can’t figure out where to get into the multiplayer mode though, the instructions are useless, it doesn’t even really say when the game gets saved. The best part is they have a game that plays out exactly like The House of the Dead. I am guessing since google wasn’t too kind in good search results for that game that most people have no idea about it. It is neato keen, I tell you what.

So much music

The TV is just pouring out music and Kathy and her brother are just pounding out tunes out of the instruments for the games. Damn that is loud, and he is easily frustrated by the game. Much much louder than me, scary.

Went to Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet today and I feel sick and full and tired. Blah, I really should get some DDR in. I don’t think Kathy will be able to play yet, her foot is still hurt from playing at the arcade, the bottom of her foot is slightly discoloured.

I hope her brother is OK. Kathy’s uncle is currently to put it bluntly a drunk and a few of the other family members have shown that they have addictive personaliies. I was kind of put off by her brother, just three days in visiting us and he smokes up in her bathroom. Sure he may be bored visiting us but I think he has quite the problem if he can’t go three days straight. Today on his drive all he really wanted to visit was ‘hobby shops’. I don’t want to add to his condition, it would feel like giving her uncle a gift card to he LCBO or something. Than again where he lives his incredibly boring but he still seems too into it.

I got enough sleep tonight but I am still so tired today. I just want to nap, it should be time for sleep.

Tonight I dine on Pizza Hut

Yesterday and on Boxing Day I have done more shopping in more stores than I ever have previously and purchased more things for Boxing Day than I ever have previously in the past. I have always been use to working on Boxing Day but this year I went out. It started innocent enough, try and get a $10 comforter at Zellers which I did a few hours after they open, they had a lot of them, they were qquite prepared in Waterloo. The cambridg store seemed to got the shaft though, my mom said they were out of Queen and were mostly sold out. That was all I dared to do on that day although we did go through the store briefly to see if there was anything else wanted to be purchased and taken home with us. Stopped by a couple of other places in the mall but nothing amazing.

Yesterday I found out that two of the 4 battery slots on Kathy’s charger won’t charge and headed out to FS to see if a deal could be found. I unexpectedly found a couple of old video games in stock and picked them up so I spent much more than I anticipated. Through the course of he day I also visited the Bay, XS Cargo, another FS, and a couple of oher places I don’t remember.

Today is Pizza Hut buffet day, I hope I can eat, I had two big piece of fish yesterday at Kelsey’s easting out wih the crew. It was fun and the Velvet Lounge looks especially classy with a few of it’s lighs burnt out.

Oh yeah and about the games.
Guitar Hero 2 is really cool and a lot easier to play as two player than I was expecting, the controllers are pretty neat. Kathy and I haven’t had a chance to rock out together playing Rush yet.
I haven’t cracked open Donkey Konga 2 yet since I was musiced out yesterday.
DDR Ultramix 2 is different, not sure if I like it more or less but it is different, I guess time will tell, can’t argue with 23 bucks though. Well I guess I could since 23 bucks is still a lot of money but not the way I spend it : /

I tooted

I had meat balls yesterday and hours later I was farting up a storm. Kathy’s brother came into the room I was in and left pretty much right away. I had to light 4 candles and open the window, good thing it wasn’t too cold. Poor Kathy. No lovin resulted from my sexy gas explosions.

Today I think I am going to my sister’s for Turkey. I wonder if I should bother to do Boxing Day sale stuff, I don’t think Zellers will have that many people other than for the comforters, it seems like Futureshop is playing it up with gift card give away draws at 5.30 in the morning. Other than the iPod deal they don’t have anything truly interested. It is fun to note that they actually increased their shiping charges for their online boxing day sale.

I blistered my foot

Not even back at school and I already dropped a course, go me. I dropped taxation after weighing in how much time it would take to study two courses and such and balance work and have fun on the weekends. It also didn’t help when I saw how thick the text was for Taxation, I could barely hold onto it with one hand, it was bigger than the biggest whoppers! Burger King doesn’t have anything on the tax act of Canada. It also didn’t help that the text was 187 dollars, christ. So it will just be accounting for me. I logged in to Telaris and Katty was impressed that it kept all of my grade histroy in there and just wanted me all the more when she saw how academic and stuff I was.

Whoa in the concourse there is a woman giving another woman a massage, if this is anything like on TV they’ll be all over each other on the table soon. Oh she went for the lovehandles. Now it smells like paint.

Anyways I went walking around waterloo park taking a bunch of meaningless pictures and than walked towards U of W to find the arcade. After several trips to various buildings on campus (criss crossing the campus) I finally found it and found the DDR game, it was broken until Wednesday after next.

Off to get nunchucks at coconut