I almost got locked in at work

I didn’t know that after 10pm they sometimes lock the building and turn on the alarm. That would have been interesting. All week I have been staying longer to try and catch up on all the work that needs doing so I can take Friday off. I have been coming into work earlier than normal as well. I think this week I worked an extra 10 hours so I can take my vacation day, it’s not even lieu time. I think I got screwed over this week. Work has been interesting, unfortunately there are way more tasks that need my attention than I have time to handle. Of course that doesn’t matter since everything needs to be done or is being watched by someone higher up so I can’t really not do it. I still have a bunch of reporting that I need to put together and review but I never seem to have time.

More infuriating is a lot of emergencies come up because things get sprung on me, like new purchases that my merchant partner wants to make. For some of them she has been talking with the vendors about them for months and than I am told its coming and I need numbers. I shake my head sometimes because there isn’t a lot of space in the stores so what space we do have has to be managed and programs need time to be exited.

Some of it just seems to be the area as well, it seems to have an absurd amount going on that is never ending with expectations that seem to be somewhat higher than reality at least in terms of inventory productivity.

I just got back from portugal about a week and a half ago. It was pretty relaxing, did a whole lot of nothing. Spent more time doing nothing, wish I went hiking more or spent more time swimming in the ocean. I lost my wedding ring within the first 5 minutes. It slipped right off my finger and I knew it was gone before it even touched bottom since the water was neck deep. I miss it, I am still use to the feeling of it on my finger, it still feels empty. I am not thrilled at the prospect of spending $400 on a new one, maybe I can find something nice in the US. I got white gold originally partially because Kathy liked silver jewelry better and partly because it looked more subtle than the standard gold ones. I considered tugsten but was worried since if my fingers got fat they have to cut it off, maybe that was nickel. √ěhe ring not my finger.
The time I spent on Sao Miguel was fun, I got to do a more extensive tour of the island than I was able to do previously. Kathy really enjoyed the tea factory that smelled like tea, my shirt smelled like it afterwards as well. I enjoyed the gardens at Terra Nostra, I didn’t realize that there was so much to see there and that the hot spring pool was so empty otherwise I would have taken a dip.

Now I think our next trip will be to Las Vegas since we haven’t been together. Sadly I don’t think we’ll be going back to Flores, it is somewhat pricier and there isn’t much different to do each visit. My mom was asking if we wanted to leave some stuff behind for the next time we visit the island. She was really hoping we would come back next year. Kathy ended up staying for an extra 10 days since we took seperate flights. Our flights were sepererate because we each took the last seat on our respective planes which were heavily discounted.
I wonder how bad it is that one of my highlights was that I was able to read a dozen novels. I read the Hobbit, I was amazed at how much I liked that book and the story telling in it. It really made me want to play D&D. Now hopefully I can get around to reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I had a dizzy spell a few days after I came back, it really pissed me off since the rocks in my ear (assuming that is what is causing it) had enough time to fully dissolve. This either means I have some other problem which isn’t good or I got new ear rocks floating around which means this will be a life long condition which is pretty depressing. The one day to overcome it I did the Eply maneuver a few times and than tried to sleep in a chair sitting straight up. Thankfully it hasn’t come back although I was feeling light headed before bed earlier in the week.

Dieting is hard, I have been craving and eating crap that I should be staying away from such as fudgeos, I am using them as an escape since I don’t have much time to do anything fun so I am using it as a shortcut to stress relief. I just finished eating at Burger King and I feel disgusted with myself, I was short on time but still feel fat. I have wanted to go biking lately but I just don’t have the time after work to do anything and the weekend. I just want to veg since it is my only me time, at least when I don’t have work that I took home.
I have been trying to get into a habit of walking my sister’s dogs while she was away but it was difficult since she lived across town and I came home so bloody late. The local gym has an offer of $10 monthly gym membership for life, I am interested in it but afraid that the time constraints that I have will screw me even though it is open 24 hours a day. After all this time and following my diet fairly well I am at the same weight after I stopped drinking pop, nothing else has made any measurable impact.

sleeping at cigi

There is a tinfoil hat wearer asking questtion, more ranting. I thhink he has said 4 paragraphs. Some points are fair such as the loss of jobs to china, some are a bit more out there like the banks should just forgive debt.

Sigh. Work is still busy busy, the buyer I worked with isn’t around anymore, I think she understood it was her and there was a 2 hour drive each way for her. Unfortunately it means a lot more work for me, especially since marketing needs to get redone, ie wasn’t done and a lot of sales planning for spring needs to be done, in the end I get home at 8 or later, closer to 9 usually. On the bright side I reduced a purchase from 5k units to 1800.