It’s been 10 days since Iast ran

and my app didn’t have week 7 checked off so I ended up redoing week 7 day 3.  I haven’t run for 10 days but I was still able to run for the 25 minutes.  Downside of course is that I was able to run for 33 minutes last time so it is a step down, and I changed my route a bit so I didn’t have the second uphill portion.  My legs were feeling tingly again so I wouldn’t have been able to keep going even if I didn’t have a greasy poutine earlier in the day.  Hopefully I can get back on track and actually do 5k soon.  There is an event in the 3rd week of August, maybe I’ll go do that.

I was off at McGregor Point Provincial Park and I have never seen so much poison Ivy and Oak before, it was very often the first plant that you see or touch at your campsite, side of the road or side of a trail.  I have never stood so far back from greenery before.  Of course I think I got grazed by it a little within the first hour of being there when setting up my tent.  Katty and I had fun though, it was very relaxing, just wish I got to read more, it seemed like a lot of time got lost from doing a clean up after we ate or just staring into the fire.

Week 7 is done, yippee

What a run, was on the fence of going today because I’ll have to do a special wash mid week in order to take my shorts with me camping.  I’ll need to look for the rest of my tank tops, I should wear them jogging more.  I should do push ups more, it will make me look more normal wearing a tank top.  Wow it has been 9 days since I last wrote, sadly I only skipped one entry.  Sunday was suppose to be a run day but I went to the Queen show in Toronto with Adam Lambert.  It was a really good show, Brian May’s solo was a little slow at first but they could have fit in One Vision and Don’t Stop Me Now.  Our seats were way up there at the ACC, I was surprised how steep the stairs were, it seemed to be at the same height as the box seats I was in when the leafs lost to the bruins in the playoffs.  Monday I was too tired to run since I came home late, and again on Tuesday.

Wednesday I went to the Running Room, they had an event that was a 20 minute run, I don’t think they really tracked it, they don’t even check you in.  Sadly I failed and I failed hard that night.  The course ended up being about 3km, anyways I ended walking for a lot of it, my calves felt so tight, I didn’t even make 10 minutes, I ended up walking back most of the distance.  My pace was really slow too, I should have been able to do it very easily since I have been going for over 20 minutes, from what I have read online I should have felt some adrenaline and felt a little bit more get up and go.  I came crashing back to earth when I realized my pace was the same as a 60 year old ladies pace, ie the person in front of me.  I lost her somehow but I found another old lady who was running at the same pace as me, sadly.  Friday should have been a run day but feeling sad kept me from going, same as yesterday, rain was part of it too.  I’m hoping that with my mojo back I will get back to it, although I will be camping, it will be interesting trying to run there.

But yay I ran and I felt like I could keep going except for the weird buzzing I felt in my foot and calf, I ran for 4.1km which is 0.6km more than last time.  About 6 more minutes than I ran last tim as well, although my pace was slower, about 8 minutes a km.

another day done

The long road up the hill was tough but I was able to run for another two and a half minutes for 3.5km. My pace was a little slower but I am not surprised, even the beginning of my run felt slower and all throughout.  I am a little surprised that I didn’t quit, I was tempted due to some soreness. It was warmer today but not very bad, looking at the temperature it says it is 17 but it feels like it is 23.  I am alarmed at how tough I find it to keep going, it never feels as easy as described by people online, it is easier going downhill obviously.  The speed map did work today I ran faster on parts that I wasn’t expecting and slower on other parts, maybe it averages speed over a distance. The downhill part at the end was slower than the very end where the ground evens out, I could be just excited to stop. After the halfway point I slow down which isn’t surprising but I actually speed back up as I cone to the end of the road.

Week 7 Day 1

I did it, yay. I ran 3.3km in 26 minutes, my calves need more work, they were feeling very tired, especially as I was moving uphill.  Again I couldn’t tell how fast or slow I was going with my app since it thinks I was running super fast and it’s colour coding is relative.  My pace stayed consistent even with the extra time and distance, the next 2 runs for this week are for 25 minutes so hopefully I can increase my endurance and my calves get happy again, they seem to be my weak link at the moment.

Work is going well, it is busy busy, a lot busier than I was anticipating.  I seem to be making some progress in understanding what is going on, just have to understand how and where to get funding better.

Week 6 is over with, 2 weeks to go

Humidex 25 and I was able to go for 3k over 23 minutes.  So yay on that front, it was tough to do, at the halfway point I definitely felt slower and much much slower on my uphill portion on my homestretch.  Something was wrong with my app so I couldn’t tell which part of my run was the slowest and by how much, I can guess though.  My legs were feeling very tired and strained, my lungs were having trouble keeping up.  My pace was 2 seconds slower than before so at least I have that going for me.  My next 3 runs are for 25 minutes So I guess it ill be a struggle here on out each and everytime.  Hopefully I can build up to it or at least get use to it, I am still about 20 minutes away from 5k but I will be adding just 8 minutes, I don’t think my pace will be increasing that much.

I’ll be starting my second week at work, and this will be a full week this time, I am looking forward to it.  On a separate front tried putting up the tent we got earlier in the year, super easy to go up. Did have some trouble getting the propane cookstove to light up, I think it was just to windy when I first tried, although you would think it would still light up with propane right there and a fire.

It burns

In my calves they burn today, but I completed W6D2, which sadly feels like an accomplishment today due to how soar my calves feel and tired.  This run is less difficult than W5D3 which was 20 minutes straight since this one is just two 10 minute runs with a 3 minute break in the middle.  I’m not sure if I would have done 20 minutes straight today.  I ran with the Pegasus 30 which were the shoes that I exchanged my much cheaper pair of Pegasus 29 for, they don’t feel as comfortable as the shoes that they were replacing, it feels like they push up on the outside edge of my feet, mostly on my right foot on the right side of it.  My other calf feels more fatigued but I don’t think it lead to that issue, hopefully I can work them in more and that goes away.  My next run is 22 minutes straight which I think I may be able to do, when I went for 20 I was able to almost do 22 and I don’t feel too tired at the end of my runs, if the conditions are right.  What I mean by that is the biggest difference between today and 2 days ago when I last tried W6D2 is humidity, I believe it felt like 29 or so Celsius that day due to the humidity and that contributed to my legs feeling tired and lethargic.  Today it was chilly when I first started, wow it is actually 13 Celsius at the moment.  Hopefully I don’t require cold temperatures to run because it will be tough for the next 3 months.

New job seems to be going well, a little different from what I was expecting but it makes sense, I just have to pick up some of the finer details on what to question and what not to question and where the responsibilities lie in determining budgets for activities and data mining historical info for future budgets.  It feels a little lonelier there due to all the space I have in my cubicle, 2 people could work in that space fairly comfortably.  The walls are higher as well so you cant just peak over to talk to someone, you have to get up, and without communicator to send a quick message you actually have to get up and be face to face with someone to interact with them, probably for the best.


At Week 6 Day 2, failure. Not sure if it was the humidity, the crappy diet from the last couple of days, or not drinking a very large bottle of water throughout the day. I felt sluggish and my muscles didn’t feel like moving or trying that hard. Probably is due to the heat. I did the first 10 minute interval which was a challenge just to get there, I failed 4 minutes into the second interval, I walked for a bit but when I tried again I was only able to go a minute and than had to give up before attempting to tackle the hill. Sucks, I was doing so well.