Had a dream

In it I was at a hospital that was run by Scientology. There were hints about that in all the pictures around, one of the statues was a skeleton holding a picture of ron hubbard. One of the nurses kids went missing and it turned out he was wandering around and some wandering doctor took him a side and cut out part of his brain so it’d be easier to indoctrine him with scientology.
He was found and for some reason his Mom and brother were playing clarinet trying to raise money for something, I saw the kid and his one eye was kind of bulging out like 2 face from the doctor. I went into the hall to find the person who did this and they were leading another person into a church type of room. I busted in and pulled out a couple of guns and started shooting.

There was a back room where there were people doing that reader test thing and they looked like they were high on a drug. There was another door that was sealed shut, I tried kicking it down but it wouldn’t open, I was thinking I know from Mythbusters that I can’t shoot the lock off but I did magically have some C4 in my possession all of a sudden.

I shot up a bunch more people around and then as I was leaving the room and evil dark dust cloud spirit started to grow and was going to destroy the hospital. I got into the stairwell and was told by a voice that I had to go to each floor and save the nurses. I went down one floor and tried opening the door, I barely could and I shouted but no one could. It looked llike a dessrert storm in appearance from the swirling black dust cloud of evil. I didn’t try again untill the 2nd last floor where a bunch of nurses were saved. I shot out the front door window to get out and we all ran from the building because the evil dark spirit of ron hubbard was going to knock it over.

While outside everything looked unreal, I eventually got a tire iron and was running away when I heard a voice that basically said I failed on saving the nurses from the hospital, most of them were pregnant from the evil scientology doctors. As a result some corpses began to reanimate, I took them down with a tire iron but soon they weren’t dropping from that and would just grab their jaws and such and put them back on.

I then woke up wondering if my Mastercard bill was due in Aug or Sept, also I over slpet a little.

Funniest parts of the dream was when I realized it was a scientology hospital I saw each of the portraits in the hospital sowing a clue about that just like it was in a cheesy movie, then it showed a close up of the skeleton and that it was holding a picture of ron hubbard and then started laughing.