Jump into it

Kitty had his vet appointment Saturday morning. He is OK although he does have an infection on the part of his paw that seemed to bleed get irratated often. He is on some antibiotics and when that goes away if the bleeding persists he will probably have to go in again and have his paw opened up a bit to shave down any bone that is remaining., sometimes it can grow back a bit. Hope he doesn’t have to go back but we’ll see. I think when he goes running quickly in the carpet that it gets caught in the ground a bit. A couple of days before his appointment he ran outside when I was getting BBQ sauce, he had it very planned out because I didn’t even see him nearby and I was looking out for him since he is always trying to get out. I should have known since this time when I went in he wasn’t standing at the door waiting. He came back later on at night. I pretty much stayed up until 11.30 watching Inu Yasha waiting for him. He was wet, wet, wet with some very muddy paws and the spot on his foot was covered in a bit of blood too. About an hour or two later when he came to my room he was still a little damp. I swear he got seperated from his mom too early becasue of things like that. Before Kathy washed him becasue he smelled particularly nasty and hours later the end of his tail was still completely wet. Also it would explain how much of a suck he is. Jen said he was sleeping by her head the few nights he stayed over. I think he was looking for protection from the other cats. Anyways yeah so he was out in the rain during the downpour on Wednesday night. Oh yeah he also has gingivitas. They gave some treats that are suppose to help with it but being the cat that he is he doesn’t eat them. I haven’t had him eat a treat in over a year. Right now one of the samples they gave is mixed in his food dish and the other three are in a cat nip bag. He did sniff them for quite a long time.

Kathy has been studying for the week for her two exams on Saturday so she wasn’t around and I was bored and lonely. I pretty much finished off watching Inu Yasha. I must say they ended the TV show rather badly. It just kind of ends, nothing was really given to fans, no conclusions on any sort of story line or romantic links or anything. I guess I am suppose to continue reading the manga but I don’t have time for that. I think I will be picking up the new movie when it gets released this month. It seems we always get another Inuyasha movie before going to see Leia, Keh!

Saturday I spent most of the day with Kathy, although she was reading and writing and I was playing a whole lot of Suduku. I finally unlocked the last mode in Daily Training, it is voice math. I hope it’s voice recognition is better with numbers than it is with me saying the colour Blue. It only seems to register properly half the time. I have been keeping my brain age under 30 for the week, even got it to 20 a couple of times. I played the EyeToy Play 2 game finally. I didn’t like it too much, the games I expected them to be simple in nature but they don’t have too much replay value, at least in single player mode, although they are a bit amusing. Mr. Chef was kind of gross though, he looks like he has an infected bellybutton. The mini games the back of the box refers to are basically all the simple mini games they have in the middle of the games to break up the ,monotony of the main games. They are of course the only things available in multi player mode. and you have to play that mode it seems one at a time. I can see it being fun to play while drunk or naked, especially chop the pickle.

We spent a couple of hours at Riverside Park, I never really been in their animal section, it is pretty basic compared to Waterloo park, a couple of horses, goats, sheeps, and cows. It looks like they use to have rabits but they do not anymore, it appears that they keep the enclosure for snails and another one for wild squirrels. The park has a lot of Geese, there was a couple with wounded wings and another with a broken wing and missing foot, poor goosey. Someone started throwing some bread at the ducks and than all of a sudden all of the geese in the water formed a single file line and went to the source. It was quite odd to see, especially since we didn’t know that there was a bread throwing going on, they just all started to organize and leave, I thought maybe I smelled or they were getting ready to flank me from behind. The park also had an Egyptian Goose, it was mentioned in the local paper previosuly and it does look like a cross between a duck and a goose, it was interesting to see. The geese didn’t really accept him, when he was getting closer for some bread one charged at him to keep him away. He hung out with the ducks and the goose with the broken wing.

We took a less direct route home when we done at the park, I have never really been in the part of Preston on the far side of King St, there was some nice houses there with some big empty parks which mostly consisted of nothing. We than came across what I believe is Cambridge’s most central sewage treatment plant. It smelled terribly and that smell lingered around the entire area, I think it is still in my clothes. I don’t understand how some real estate developers could build houses so close to the place. There was houses across the street from it. The whole area actually is a fairly densely populated area, there isn’t really anything commercial or industrial near by. I’m sure the 33 degree heat wasn’t helping, at least it wasn’t hotter.

The A&P didn’t have the Nigri Sushi Combo, they did have maki with just fish though, no veggies so at least that is good. Oh yeah the Korean food place by Laurier didn’t have the Salmon Maki and I was reluctant to get the Ell since everywhere that I have had ell tended to either BBQ it or Fry it or something it just tasted kind of skinny and weird, not smooth at all but this place made it so tastey, it wasn’t cooked at all, yay!. It was so fresh and delicious.

It is about 10.30 now, I am going to bed, I’ll post pictures tomorrow, now it is time for sleep..

London Calling

Kathy and I left on our trip to London on Thursday. We arrived there just as it was getting dark and almost immediately I did the dumbest thing, walked away from the bus stop that I knew would take us to Western. Accoding to the maps fron London Transit it appeared that there was a bus terminal downtown and I though it’d be a good idea to get to it so we can get some transit maps and make sure we were going where we wanted to. We wandered, got lost and I got very annoyed. It was so humid as well, all I wanted to do was sit down and have some ice cream. We wandered over by the river behind a museum but we didn’t stay there long, I was eager to find the damn bus again. We did find it eventually after figuring out that we were not at a walking distance to Western. The bus ride was OK, we did get off on the wrong stop since in the afternoon the bus takes a different course through the school. Western doesn’t have maps around campus showing where you are relative to other buildings, WLU has many of them and it is on one block, I only saw two at Western.

The campus was nice, not as big as I was expecting and it has a lot of neat stuff like $4 movies at their cinema. On Friday we wandered around campus trying to figure out where stuff was and some other prep investigation stuff for kathy, she should have fun there, enough building have cold A/C so it should be good. Saturday we went to the malls of the city and walked from a park back to Western, that was quite a trip. The river looked pretty and there were plenty of people fishing.

We switched our tickets early to get out of London since we were kind of done with the city and didn’t want to carry a full backpack throughout it.

We stayed at the Western Hotel which seemed to be the only hotel at that part of the city. We stayed in an apt style res and actually had to stay with two other people, which kind of sucked. It was so hot I wish I could have strolled around nude in there. Damn old people, I don’t know why they were staying there, we didn’t really talk to them. The building was made in 99 and kind of sucked, it looked very student housing except for the kitchen. The stuff they provided in the hotel was pretty ghetto, a bed that felt like it was a plastic egg or something, if you got near the edge it felt like you were going to just roll off. It made sleep pretty uncomfortable. The shower curtain wasn’t as big as the opening of the shower so we couldn’t get very wet and wild. The cabinet under the sink has the insulation exposed and later in the trip we believe the mouse that was in the bathroom came from there.

Kitty missed me, he meowed a lot. Last night he slept right beside my chest, I think he wanted to make sure Trixie wasn’t coming back and to make sure I was still here. Poor little guy. Tom hissed at him all weekend, he has had nothing but hissing cats for over 2 weeks now. Henry played with him though.

I’m sleepy now, I wonder if Kitty will continue to sleep by me or if he will go by my feet.


I am sick today, gah, I need to eat more salad and bread and less old weird meat frmom Wendy’s that was sitting on the grill. Yesterday my stomache felt real empty so I went to harvey’s to get a bite and at 3pm the burgers are not the freshest, I couldn’t even eat the thing and I felt even more disgusted and violated afterwards. Why doesn’t Wendy’s offer poutine? Still got up early though, super early actually, I got up at 5 but most of that time was spent in the bathroom.

Tonight I leave for London just as my sister gets back, I hope my tummy gets better in time. I dropped off Trixie at home and Kitty at Chris’s house. Trixie seemed happy to be home and Kitty was so sad and terrified. I hope he is doing better today. When I* left he was in the basement hiding in the corner. He looked miserable.

Last couple of days I haven’t done much mostly tried to take care of things so Kathy could study and write her essay. She seems to always end up finishing it at the last minute, she even tried getting this one done earlier and had a schedule and such to do it but it just didn’t happen. I still haven’t reshaved my head, parts are starting to get fairly long.

She really is a good kitty

Click the picture for a slightly bigger picture.

She really is, but she does do bad things. She pooped on the floor twice today and maybe one yesterday and in her litter too yesterday. I think Kitty might have been bugging her a bunch and like an old lady she was to scared to go to where she wanted to go.

Portugal lost today, I kept listening to the score updates on the radio hoping for good news which never came. Kathy and I won’t be getting out bongos although we did snag Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. My brain keeps getting younger at Brain Age but I am still very old game wise. Kathy really whips my ass at that game.

I remembered to take the trash out finally, there was lots of maggots in it. I opened up the other can which I didn’t put outside and there was lots of maggots in there too. The house is all clean, dishes are done, litters all changed, poop cleaned, windows opened and little shallow pools of vinegar lay about the house absorbing the rest of the smell.

Link!, Click Here. Whose Line is it Anyways with Richard Simmons.

I should host a bbq on the weekend or something, hopefully the BBQ will run well enough. Work has been good today, doing some interesting stuff today that kept me very busy. I need to take breaks from my monitor more often, my peepers need ther rest. I get to help construct a golf course, should be fun fun fun. Jenny told me I had a boogie hanging out of my nose, she is so helpful, god bless her heart. : )

Hot chips

Trixie seems to be mostly camping either under my bed, on it, or in the corner in the room downstairs. She still doesn’t like kitty much, she tried swatting at him with her paws earlier, kitty kind of defended himself. He doesn’t seem scared of her anymore, I carried him right to her, she hissed and hissed, I petted him and he stayed in place.

No one was really aorund when I went to work, hell no one was really on the 401 at all. The drive was smooth and quick. I did get a whole lot of work done today though, I thought I was going to have to stay later. I had some good sushi, it was rather yummy.

Brain Age and Big Brain Academy are fun, I have a tiny old brain according to the games but I am good at suduku. After Kathy was finsihed with me my suduku times were more than doubled, she crazy. I have to get my sister to tell me how to clean their pool and drain some water from it, it is slowly filling, I hope I don’t have to touch the filter, there are some june bgs in it, surprisingly I haven’t seen any others, I guess I hide from them well.

I’m too lazy to go upload a cute picture of Trixie to the phat pipes of the internet.