first post class day

and I filled it with playing World of Goo until my eyes hurt, then had ice cream. That game is pretty clever and fun, I love the simple games. Hopefully I will actually start homework tomorrow : p.

I resisted temptation and didn’t end up buying a lens, although for the most part was because the pictures with it wouldn’t turn out to great and that I won’t have time to use it. Sleepy sleepy


sigh, I just feel down today, I probably haven’t got enough sunlight this past week. I did spend two days locked in-doors pretty much and even when I am at work it is not like I see a lot of sunlight. Today I stayed inside and cleaned up some of the piles of papers in here. The only time I went out was to get a binder from my trunk.

I want to go and eat some snazzy delicious food to get me out of this funk but I can’t and I shouldn’t anyways, but the feeling is nagging at the back of my brain anyways.

I have class starting tomorrow, at 8.30 in the morning I think, sigh. Maybe some of the sadness is just stress that I haven’t fully realized yet. I have a 4 day work week next week so I have to do more in a shorter time period plus I have to do and get homework done promptly, preferably before I go to Harrow for the weekend where getting internet access will be spotty at best. There will of course be a new onslaught of homework coming to me. The other day I described to my niece that I couldn’t spend the money buying a new laptop that could run flash video b/c of my upcoming expenses, part of that probably bummed me out, 6 months of car insurance is coming up, hefty master card bill, another installment of the school bill is coming too plus who knows how many unknowns. Sigh. At least the iBook is still active and in use today, not bad for a computer purchased in early 2001.

The room is clean, it mostly just involved moving accounting books downstairs and shredding some paper. Also moved my paintball box downstairs. I bought it online on Boxing day and I told them to send me the order except for the one backordered item, they agree but hold on to it and don’t send it until last week when they got the item in. When they did send it they didn’t send the whole order, the for some reason decided to send one of the items to me in a separate package 4 days later, it hasn’t arrived yet. Would have been handier to have it all earlier when I would have had time to play, oh well.

I wish I could roll a tissue nice and tight, slide it up my nose and have the other end come out my mouth so I can then ‘floss’ my sinuses and get the rest of the sick out. Come to think about it, the last time I was sick like this I had a persistent, small amount of mucus in my sinuses that I could always hack and cough out. I should have probably taken something to help clear it out since I think I have read since that time that it could have gotten very badly infected since I just have sick basically hanging out in a pool in my head. I used the word since a lot in the last paragraph and it bugs me, oh well.

I hope Chris finds Henry soon or that Henry wanders back home soon, poor kitty cat. I know I’d be pretty fucked up if one of the cats was missing for more then a day. : /

I feel so cold

my eyes hurt, my throat isn’t too bad. Had the sniffles but it was manageable, I just feel so cold, like my skin is unreal and it is at room temperature. I am in bed under covers and I was shivering quite a bit before. I even had to curl up with the cat to steal her warmth and it didn’t help that much. Oh well.

Not sick

I was on the losing end, feeling tired, drained, sneezy, headachey, but I fought back, I took vitamin C and ate an orange and I became as healthy as a guinea pig. I even squeak. I got poked in the side and I did a little popcorn too.