I’m Lonley

I miss Kathy.

My parents are back and I already dislike living with them. They want to talk to me and I want them to leave me alone to sleep. My legs are so incrediblely sore. For the last three months I have been letting every weed possible grow in the garden because I couldn’t be arsed to get rid of them. On saturday before my parents came back I was told that they better be gone so off I started on my deweeding adventure. I squatted and sat and stretched and moved into all kinds of positions because it was uncomfortable work pulling weeds. In the end about 43 grocery bags of weeds were pulled or about 4 leaf bags of nothing but weeds. The next day and still today my legs hurt so much. It pains me to stand and to sit down let alone walk about. Oh dear me I am getting old.

I want to hug my babe. I’m not too sure what I will be doing this week but I am sure it will not be much. I seemed to have misplaced my bank card so I guess I will have to replace that, otherwise nada. I am boring.

I’m Sleepy

And I should have been in bed over an hour ago. I am surprised I didn’t crash earlier. My PeeCee is set up, oh how I missed listening to tunes on it. Hey Chris Kathy did need to get that Switchfoot albulm afterall thanks for the heads up. Kathy has the iBook since her Dell crapped out, it doesn’t power up, hopefully it is related to her video card that was acting funny, meh regardless they will probably replace it all. The biggest pain occured when Dell didn’t have the information in thier system about how the extended warranty purchased wasn’t linked to that notebook, the bastards. The more I see it the more I think Dell laptops are hacked pieces of shit without fully supported components, meh.

I have been migrating to Opera a bit, seems so snappy, I don’t know why but Firefox doesn’t want to work right on this computer.

My trip home today was delayed to a minivan I guess cutting off a gas truck flipping both into the centre ditch on the 407. John and I only realized as soon as we got on the 407. They even called in a helicoter to take people away to the hospital. Luckily the cops decided to work on the eastbound lanes which meant they closed down the east bound lanes completely and westbound had two lanes when they opened it up in about 30 minutes. Ahh the rain.


The gameboy advance games that were feared as lost have been found, Kathy found them, oh minish cap, you shall never leave my life, come be closer to me advance wars 2, make love to me like you use to.

I should get my brother to fix the tv, I want to watch the Simpsons now.

I’m sitting almost naked in a chair.

And I need to trim my nails, I hope I can keep it up until hallowe’en. It would be great if I also actually got around to getting a costume this year so my nails won’t go to waste. I am exhausted. I got home around 12.40am last night and after making sure the cat had food and water dropped to bed for sleep. The cat unfortunately was lonely all weekend so he wanted to play, and to get petted, and to bite me very hard. He also liked stuffing as much of his fur as he could up my nose.

I’m surprised I am still awake, than again I am hoping Kathy pops up online but I guess she is out socializing which is good, or she can’t get access to the school’s wireless. I should do that someday, socialize that is. I wonder if I am going to have the energy to stand up and make food. Earlier today I was contemplating riding my bike to the closest shop for some milk and other supplies but now I dream of the ability to stand under my own power. I spent more money today unfortunatley, on a webcam today so Kathy and I can have a video conference if we choose. Too bad the iSight is 190 bucks, it has some really useful features, meh. I think my parents get home soon, I’m sure the cat will bother them a lot. He was making a weird meow yesterday night when he finally left my room. I never heard him make this kind of meow, I think he was lonely or looking for Kathy or something because I know it wasn’t food, water, other cats, or that he was hurt. When I got home I put my keys on my bed. My keys have about 20 keys on it and two of those bands that you can use to wrap it around your wrist. He was attempting to pick one of them up with his mouth and than take off with it. They fell on the ground and than it looked like he was going to attempt to pick them up by the keys. Silly ole cat.

It’s been a while

I went on a bus tour, hopping from bus to bus. My legs hurt. Yesterday Kathy and I went to the Ovation Music Festival where we saw Finger 11, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, Hedeley, and Frontier Index. They were all really good. The crowd was smaller than I expected which was quite OK since I was a little worried about how large the crowds were but they were actually quite small. The field we parked in was very easy to get out of, I was so happy about that. I think some people smoked weed at the even. For the first 3 performances Kathy and I sat out in the field but it began to grow colder so we moved in to the crowd for the last three hours for Finger 11 and OLP. Sooo much fun. My neck hurt the next day a little, my eyes as well but that is probably due to all the squinting since the sun was going down behind the stage. There was a New Orlean’s Pizza stand there, they were having pizza delivered in, 13 dollars for a medium, and it was such a good pizza. It was so soft and warm, I just wanted to eat the whole thing as soon as I had my first bite.

Kathy really enjoyed it. Lots of fun was had.

I can’t think of anything else to write about, I should write more often. The one guitarist for Finger 11 plays his guitar very recklessly, it was fun to watch.