I’m Sleepy

And I should have been in bed over an hour ago. I am surprised I didn’t crash earlier. My PeeCee is set up, oh how I missed listening to tunes on it. Hey Chris Kathy did need to get that Switchfoot albulm afterall thanks for the heads up. Kathy has the iBook since her Dell crapped out, it doesn’t power up, hopefully it is related to her video card that was acting funny, meh regardless they will probably replace it all. The biggest pain occured when Dell didn’t have the information in thier system about how the extended warranty purchased wasn’t linked to that notebook, the bastards. The more I see it the more I think Dell laptops are hacked pieces of shit without fully supported components, meh.

I have been migrating to Opera a bit, seems so snappy, I don’t know why but Firefox doesn’t want to work right on this computer.

My trip home today was delayed to a minivan I guess cutting off a gas truck flipping both into the centre ditch on the 407. John and I only realized as soon as we got on the 407. They even called in a helicoter to take people away to the hospital. Luckily the cops decided to work on the eastbound lanes which meant they closed down the east bound lanes completely and westbound had two lanes when they opened it up in about 30 minutes. Ahh the rain.

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