I’m Lonley

I miss Kathy.

My parents are back and I already dislike living with them. They want to talk to me and I want them to leave me alone to sleep. My legs are so incrediblely sore. For the last three months I have been letting every weed possible grow in the garden because I couldn’t be arsed to get rid of them. On saturday before my parents came back I was told that they better be gone so off I started on my deweeding adventure. I squatted and sat and stretched and moved into all kinds of positions because it was uncomfortable work pulling weeds. In the end about 43 grocery bags of weeds were pulled or about 4 leaf bags of nothing but weeds. The next day and still today my legs hurt so much. It pains me to stand and to sit down let alone walk about. Oh dear me I am getting old.

I want to hug my babe. I’m not too sure what I will be doing this week but I am sure it will not be much. I seemed to have misplaced my bank card so I guess I will have to replace that, otherwise nada. I am boring.

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