This is how we fill in potholes

On a stop light in Brampton there is a sign advertising pot lights, indoor/outdoor. I kind of want to make a sign that says crack/cocaine sold here nightly.

I saw a work crew filling in potholes on the 401. First they park on the shoulder. Than they get a shovel full of fill. Than when there is a break in traffic they run into the middle of the road, fill it and run back.

I played Katamari and that game is so fun and weird in general, I can’t believe that I waited so long to play it. Same with Lego Star Wars, so much fun.

I tired now at 7.15, time for bed, I guess I am getting sick.

Sod to the lot of you

Work has been busy which is understandable since it is Christmas, heh. I still haven’t got anything for anyone and the usualy cheap stores did not have much. The local Liquidation World still had tonnes of the Radioshack crap that I mentioned before. I didn’t notice the RC boat before,oh well it wouldn’t be that fun, especially when it dies in the middle of a lake or something.

I’m surprised how quickly this weekend is coming up, just a few more days until the wedding. Not mine but someone else’s. Ha!

My nephew finally left his PS2 so now I can try to work out a bit, I feel very porky, especially today, I feel heavier, blah. It probably didn’t help that I bought 15 chocolate bars at liquidation world I just need to get a DDR game now. I haven’t been able to find any helpful reviews for DDR SuperNOVA which is dissappointing, most review sites just give a review like they didn’t get to actually play it which is likely. The people who have played it usually don’t give the greatest reviews since they are actually good at the game so they can’t describe difficulty to people who have difficulty with the game very well.

I still haven’t got my Wii yet, I want to play play play, this waiting part sucks.

Kathy’s roommate came over yesterday and got to spoil my cat. He was rolling around on the floor making weird sounds and going after the laser and protecting us from the squirrels in the trees.

I really need to clean up.

Got Some Question About Your Life

Damn Damn Damn, I didn’t realize Zellers was having a big sale on LCD TVs, they were just dumping the things, damn. I might have bought one, it is probably for the best since I have a large Visa bill. I have to sign up for a HBC Master Card to collect more points. I thought my GM $ were stagnating and they are, I am currently losing the $ earned from a few years ago, all that time for nothing, it feels like such a waste. Oh well, I can’t do anything about it now yet I still feel cheated.

I burnt out my low beam light on my car, and after successfully taking out the first bulb I found, realizing that was for high beams and reinstalling it I was well on my way to having some light in my car. The socket for the low beam is right in the corner with the frame all around it, it was extremely difficult to get my hand in there and move the piece to get the bulb out. Luckily my fingers are quite nimble and deliberate. Surprisingly it was real quick to get it all together again. The really bright bulbs were $25 each, I was interested but not that interested.

I was reading earlier that the graphics for the new Zelda doesn’t look as good as older sgames for GC like RE4, still sounds fun, but I thought that was interesting considering it is Zelda.
I was tempted again to get Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova and modding a dance mat so I can use it on my soft floors. I could just do many other things to work out instead. I think since I haven’t moved from this sofa that it is a safe bet that if I dd get it I wouldn’t use it much. I still dislike the second one for PS2, light mode is too easy and standard has too many half steps making it much too hard for me.

I still haven’t bothered to fill up my aquarium, it is missing too much water, the cat seems more amused by it. I’m not really sure what he is staring at, it seems like the flower in the current.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to go into a situation where you could possibly, hell easily die.

I am lucky to not have lost anyone close to me. So far the closest is that I have lost was Trixie. She was a sweet cat, she was put down this morning. She was yowling at the top of the stairs and couldn’t move and was throwing up blood. It turns out she had a tumor in her stomache. I’ll miss her.

March 1, 1987 – November 11, 2006

Cold and Tired

At the moment I am in bed trying to keep warm. The other day when I was sleeping on my back I woke up and found the cat sleeping on my chest, weirdo.

I was going to move stuff in my room so it would be set up better for DDR but I hardly feel like moving at all. Let alone lift the akward TV downstairs. I do have to add water to my fish tank, it is drying up in there.

I kind of feel like wearing a tie at work but I don’t think it would suit me.

I have been eating tastless nutella sandwiches and salads in order to save money and lose weiight. I hate it so much. I was getting subs and sushi to eat healthier but that gets expensive everyday. Nutella sandwiches just taste so plain and often times bad as we don’t seem to be using good nutella. The salad is OK but not filling at all the dressing for it is kind of gross, especially when eating the leaves at the bottom.

I wish I could whip something up with my KFC playset and eat it. And by make something I mean fries, I can’t stomache the chicken.

I really should shave today, my face not my head, especially since I am sure my head is going to win in the growth and coverage contest. Now I just have to get the energy to get out of bed and into a shower. Sounds hard and almost impossible.

I eated a cookie

I went to the Mandrin today, it was rather yummy, that was about 9 hours ago and I am now craving chinease food. My first plate of food was a fried spring roll, fried fish, fried chicken balls, fried scallop things, and fried onion rings. The whole plate was one colour. They had nice fishies there, I want more fish. I really should make some sushi.

So yeah I took the day off work to go eat somewhere, I hope this doesn’t make me a loser. I also went to get a gian two person umbrella and congo drums for the gamecube. Kathy and I happen to be at a Walamat looking for a specific hand cream that they no longer carry and noticed that they had some slick displays for their mp3 players and portable DVD players, they were pretty neat looking. They also had a display dedicated for the wii, it was like the ps3 didn’t exist which is kind of true since most stores seem to be getting less than half a dozen and Target in the states has around 30-120 Wii units per store.

I don’t want to eat anymore, House is kind of intersting even though the House character kind of sucks. I don’t feel like eating anymore and want to play a lot of DDR. I m so tubby and must go to Mandrin a lot more. I’d like to tell my parents about it but I don’t think my dad should eat there. It is getting to cold for me to bike or jog outside : / damn asthma thing.

Breasleau has several exciting and thrilling sod farms out in the middle of nothing, apparently a lot of kids race there from all the tread marks in the ground. here seems to be about maybe 7 houses way out there and you can see for kms around.

I believe I have about 4 vacation days left at work, I am not too sure when to take them, I guess I should wait until Pete gets here and figure out when hewill be about. Oh well.