I almost have Pikmin beat, I never made it to the last guy before, and on his first attack he ate around 60 pikmin. Crab is yummy. Got up earlish again but not as early as usual so that is very good. Sigh I have nothing going on. I was full of energy yesterday morning, well I guess not too ful but enough to actually get things done. Well a couple of things. Got to walk a bit through Riverside Park, it has been a while, it is still nice and peaceful. Kathy tried hunting for a toad. I walked into a spider web ewwww.

The cat kicked me in the head. It was right around the time that I was holding him up in such a way to emphasize how long he was, immediately after I started singing my cat is my hat song, when I decided to start acting out the song.

Kathy got some ickky scary thing.

Had a BBQ at Chris’s it was quite the popular event. Played a bit of Mario Kart 64. I didn’t realize til than that double dash has spoiled me. Nintendogs is in our near future. It is a DS game where you play and raise dogs, kathy wants the miniature dog title.

Oh god now Kitty is playing with it.

The cat is so whiney that it is almost funny. I am sure if my dad was here now he would yell at the cat to shut up and than curse him, immediately after the cat would look at him and meow one more time.

I’m Sleepy

Kathy made some very yummy french fries with the skin still on, yum. I am sleepy today, very sleepy. I plan to go shower and than sleep right after. I have suckered Chris into driving me to Brantford, hopefully he won’t have his car stolen or car jacked or something while we are on the way there. Some more bombs blew up in London, meh. I made some very good and yummy cake, unfortunately no one is really eating it so it is getting dry and stale, you bastards, it was a very good cake. The dvil’s chocolate had some extra chewy chocolate bits, very delicious. I was eating my crackers at work again and they were asking how I was not always constipated by the amount of chocolate I eat. If only they knew the amount of cake batter I ate. I think I am going to lease a transponder, even if I don’t use it often or use it when I’m in a big hurry or if there is a collision somewhere I can save time here and there. Yay paragraphs.

This is post 12

It has been saved as a draft accidentally on July 19, 2005 at 22.17 and on this day Jan 18, 2007 at 21.04 I free it from it’s draft status and publish it for the world to see. It was blank previously.

And now I got this message
“Something went wrong – 153 : Incorrect time value: You’re trying to post an entry at 2005-07-19 22:17, but you have an existing journal entry dated after this: 2007-01-18 21:00. Please check the date and time of both this new entry and the old one. If the other entry is set in the future on purpose, edit that entry to use the “Entry is backdated” option. If this entry is set in the past on purpose, use the backdate option for this entry instead.”

I can’t find that fucking option.

Ah the option doesn’t really exist, it is an LJ thing. So forever more will this post be saved as a draft for the world not to see it. Unless I future date it or disable the lj plugin. How about that for procastination.


There are earwigs. Three found so far without trying. In the shower, in the carpet, and in Kathy’s writing pad. I need some spoongaurd protection. I am so nervous now, I feel little itches and such on me and I keep looking and checking to make sure an earwig didn’t just all of a sudden crawl on me, yikes. Kitty doesn’t seem to want to protect me. I put him on a moving one but he didn’t want to hunt it or even chew on it. Maybe it is because I keep picking him up to look at his feet. On the bright side his foot is less swollen today and looks much cleaner.

The carnival is showing up at the mall. Apparently several of the workers have been arrested already for stealing at the nearby Zellers. The genius of the group tried stealing an mp3 player and when he failed he took a cheaper one that was less secure. The less secure one was just a FM transmitter to listen to your mp3 player on your car stereo, kekeke.

Thousand Foot Krutch’s new cd comes August 2, it is out today in the states, I’m not sure what gives with that, iTMS has it already. John drove me to work and I was shivering the whole way there, John’s A/C works very well. It is difficult trying to sleep while shivering, I kept trying to cuddle myself to keep warm. Time for sleep, and time to spray the bed with RAID.

Too hot to think

It is hot today and I don’t really want to move. We were going to attempt to go for a walk somewhere but it ended up raining again. Hopefully we won’t have to buy something in a nice long time. I have been killing time by watching a lot of InuYasha lately, season 1 is around 140 dollars, not too bad since each disc wit three episodes seperate is around 35 each. Free is much better of course. I’m not too sure if the lawn will be able to come back to life before my parents come back. A large section is yellow in the front. I should just cover it in wildflowers.

I’m going to be dismembered

It certainly sounds frightful. HR was telling me about an evil plot, well at least evil to me, to have me dismembered, possibly even killed and than have it make look like an accident or something. I dunno I wasn’t paying much attention. Than to top it off they tried selling me insurance. On the bright side the new insurance stuff I get is better than my pervious stuff. Work is fine and all that, hopefully I can get around to start growing at it. I just don’t want to do it too soon and look ungreatful for the chance that they gave me.

It was raing a lot today. Earlier the cat saw some bugs flying about and with the amount of rain I didn’t think he’d actually go into the backyard but out he ran first at the door but than to the back garden. I guess he was expecting to get some shelter from the grape vines, and he did for a while. He made a weird face when some fat drops fell on him and soon enough he came running back inside and even gave himself a quick little shake covering my shins with the cold rain water. The rain storm turned into a thunderstorm. Kathy and I sat out on the front porch watching the rain come down. The cat was a little freaked out by the noise but ok over all. That is until he stepped foot into the garden, a place he knows he is not allowed in. Pretty much as soon as he got in there there was an incredibly loud lightning strike close by that connected with something. This strike was piercingly loud, I don’t know how else to describe it. The cat looked at Kathy very scared and darted for the safe indoors. We later drove by King St and they had emergency road closure signs on it, since it is a fair distance from the water and fairly close to home I guess a tree fell on the tracks there or something.

It has been a pretty slow day today, watched a lot of rain fall, nice and relaxing. Yesterday I went to bed real early, instead of going to play pool with the fellas I fell asleep around 9ish or so. Needless to say but I was tired. Stayed at work for quite a while too, I started at 7 and didn’t leave til late since Chris’s meeting was bumped a lot. Overall it wasn’t too bad, if we left earlier the time would have just been eaten up by traffic on the highway which would be even more tedious.

My bills for this month totalled over 1500, that is about 3 times more than normal. Damn me for buying a larger variety of foodstuffs, oh well. I will live. I feel like a bum I really should be playing DDR but I just don’t have the energy in my legs, even if I get started it just feels like I won’t move fast enough and just get frustrated and give up quickly. I have been doing it lately as well with Pikmin, the Taiko drum game for PS2 and even a shitty poker game.

The library at Laurier have a really neat indoor plant tree thing, it kind of looks like a pine tree but all of it’s branches are very flexible so you won’t get poked by it when you walk by it, the needles are also very soft. I like it very much.

I think the cat is very upset with me, for the last few days he’s has been biting at his back feet a lot more than normal, I was checking his foot and found something, I’m not too sure what it was but when I pulled it out he started meowing a lot and wanted to get away from me which I was ok with because he was really starting to hurt me. The thing I pulled did feel like have a sharp edge but I couldn’t really tell wheat it was since it was so small, it was flexible too, I could bend it and such, Could it be just a hard edged blood clot or scab?

I worked for a week

It’s been a while.

A full week of work has gone by. I don’t think I have learned anyone’s name yet but it has been fun. The first day just seemed so overwhelming, now not so much. There is still a lot more to learn. The job seems fairly tme consuming so I am not too sure how I am going to find time to catch up completely let alone learn other things that will help me rise in position. For now though I am quite satisfied and happy.

I’ve been taking care of my sister’s house for a week now, every other day I would come by and play with the cat. She is such a sweety. She is about 17, her bones ache and her eyes well up wth tears if you pet her on a painful spot by accident or if one of the evil children try picking her up. Usually she just kind of lies there while you pet her for half an hour, after that she starts to growl signalling that the time of petting her is over.

My nephew brought back a rocket from his trip, he even put it together, although it looks to be a bit on the small side. Oh apparently it i’t quite working yet

Got to go to Moose on Friday, damn good nachos again, and again I forgot to say no onions. Also forgot to bring my sportsworld tokens again. I have a hankering to play mini golf, I saw some people playing it Saturday afternoon when I was driving by. Swung by the houses beside the 401/Shantz Hill exit. Quite a few nice houses, especially in the older area.

Stigmata is on, I missed a bunch of the story but it just looks like such a shitty movie, meh. There seems to be a preist conspiracy or something.


Kitty is being a silly. He loves the laser, but as soon as it is turned off he starts looking for it. He is jonesing for it. We usually have it show up by his tail or ass which in turn freaks him out since he doesn’t like it back there, like it is sneaking up on him. Now when the laser is turned off he usually is always glancing behind him to see if it is there. He gets so paranoid to the point that he will walk away from where he was standing and back up against a wall that he feels safe with. It is rather cute.

Chris tells me I must do many tasks in the upcoming future, I hope I don’t let him down. I am a little scared going in, I hope I can remember everyones name and not make an ass out of myself since I’ll be there for a long, long time.

I helped Katty dye her hair reddish. She is as purdy as ever, I got to help make her hair greasey!

The words are flowing very oddly in this entry, meh.