It was punk

Yeah it was perfect.

Now it’s awful

I raised more than the $150 I was expecting 470 or so isn’t too bad. Some of the ladies who went bald collected 700+

My head is cold now though, I was going to bic it when I got home but it was way too cold, I wore a touque all day at home afterwards and even in bed when I was going to sleep, I;m not sure if it is the lack of hair or just the weather in general but I am cold all the time. I can detect drafts from any direction now.

I stayed at work a little longer than I would want to lately, oh well.

As I type this Kitty is doing his broken purr and rubbing his head into my face, hand and laptop looking for love. His lip is still a little swollen but a lot better than it was, the animal hospital people keep calling me, I’m not sure if it is genuine concern or if they want to make some money off a perscription.

I have been eating salads as of late all though I still eat crap for dinner, mostly I never knew that cesar salad could be so good, I was kind of scared of salad because I woould always see it with all kinds of weird greens, oranges, blue horshoes and red balloons. I like it plain. That and a nutella sandwich are perfect. Although before lunch I have such bad cravings for BK or Pizza Hut lunch buffet, both are close to where I work. Sometimes I think I have a video game spending habit. I was tempted to get the new DDR game, I still am really and a new mat. I am also slightly tempted to go get guitar hero 2. Zellers updated their points system so I have $300 now worth of points, I could easily get both and some chocolate bars. I have been craving chocolate a lot lately. I just overall don’t want to spend any money, too much has flowed out already.

Kathy and I went costume shopping at the Stag Shop, well not really shopping just to see what they had, some of the stuff seemed like they were barely trying. The San Diego in the Mall didn’t have much either except a teen in the back of the store staring at the bongs with his head as close as possible to the glass case.

At Zellers there was a Superman costume and I read somewhere that it uses a fan to fill up, I kind of wondder how noisy it is, seems kind of dumb too.

Kathy is kind of stressed again lately, it is kind of hard for me to help since I seem to have the stress just roll off of me, I dunno, I guess I am broken like that.

I think I will fall asleep now. The cat has his but curled up into my armpit for warmth and comfort, for him.

no subject

My Brother-In-Law’s father had a heart attack on the weekend, he was visiting and staying with them when it happen. I wish I could help and make him feel better but I am not good at that kind of thing. My brother in law is taking it well enough I guess but I can see the pain that he is in. To think I just saw them playing Mexican Rummy not long before my vacation started.

I spend my long weekend at Kathy’s parent’s place. We went boating and fishing on the weekend and I caught two fishies, yay me. Than a cat fish snapped my line and almost broke katty’s pole. Spent most of the holiday with her folks, the drive there and back wasn’t as boring as it was the first time, we made good time too considering I was driving slower than the first time. It is difficult to drive and eat a sundae at the same time so Katty had to feed me, I felt so weird about it but I wanted my iced cream.

It started to snow today just as I got home, right now stuff is covered in light snow, the weather didn’t seem like it would snow despite the weather people calling for it for 2 days now.

This morning Kitty decided to help me wake up by putting his cold wet nose in my face and meowing. When I rolled over to the edge of the bed so he couldn’t get to me and covered my head in blankets he crawled on top of my head and than poked his head into my breathing hole in the blankets. I got up soon afterwards.

I made butter cake

After a conversation I had with Steve yesterday I decided to bake a cake, it has been quite a while. I followed the directions exactly, even putting the timer on the oven and setting it properly, something I don’t do often, it seemed a little wet still so I gave it 5 more minutes to the point where the top was getting burnt. I take it out and let it cool. When I get back the cake collapsed in on itself, I cut it up and discover all throughout the middle and bottom of the cake it is still wet batter, so thoughly gross. Damn that cake looked good on the box to, fuck fuck fuck. It was suppose to be my healthy breakfast, I guess tomorrow I get to eat a can of tuna for breakfast again.

This weekend I watched Bring it on again, I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I can’t wait, Battlestar Galaticca will be back on again soon, on the down side I’ll have to wait a whole lot of time until Stargate starts up again.

Kathy is still feeling a bit sick but is getting better, the Cold FX stuff seems to be working, that stuff is so expensive, I hope it really is doing something, oh well in combo with Ginsing and Vitamin C stuff. I hope I still have an orange handy. I cleaned the oven and such today, although I now have a cake pan to clean. I think just a bit more vaccuming is needed and that’s about all.


Apple Butter

Who knew you could make butter from Apples, I discovered this curiousity and had some on a bit of potato pancakes, who knew you could have pancakes made out of taters. Ah The Apple Butter, and Cheese Festival, mission accomplished. There were old cars, old tractors, tour to cider making plats that I didn’t go on. I saw a church that had a for sale sign on the front yard, it needed a little work. Kathy ate a honeycomb that they were selling inside. There was a mini tractor pull which consisted of a little tractor that was peddle powered with a trailer behind it that could hold some barbell wights with a ski that was firmly against the ground. The couple of kids that I saw didn’t get very far up hill on the street.

There was a massive line for apple dumplings and there was a really awesome chest board carved out of wood. There was also some turtles chain sawed out of wood and some caps and mitts knitted with skull and cross bones. Wellsely was actually a pretty nice place, there was a largeish pond that yu can apparently fish in and the few houses that borded one side of it had paddle bots or fishing rafts. This day they were having some RC boat races in it. The gas powered boats whipped through the course easily, they seemed to have some really sensitive steering controls as well. We missed the nitrous boat races but did was the sail boats just going along, there was even a couple of subs in the water and a slower boat being drivin by a barbie.

Fun times. The cleanup of my home continues, now I must remove a large qty of newspaper some how, maybe I’ll hide them in the trunk of the car.