sick and hungry

And mangey too. I have mucus flowing from everywhere. Gingie has carrots and he is happy, so happy that when I took my eyes off of him for 3 minutes he pooed 9 times on my bed. He has been doing that more often, I guess he really likes his new food, too bad I probably won’t be able to find it again at Liquidation World, oh well he’ll always have carrots. I hate my hackey cough, it just hurts, my chest feels like it wants to be ripped out through my esophagus.

I should boil some rice or something. I have been home sick all day and I don’t think my brother has got out of bed yet, it is nearly 3 while writing this, I think he is a bit tired, I don’t know what time he turned in though. I was going to go to work but Jason saw me and said I looked worse than he has ever seen me. I’m glad he said that because later I felt horrible. Before it was just cold, throat, sneezing. Now it includes chills.

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