Queasy E

I am still feeling queasy in my hour long car rides to and from work. I am still feeling gross after too, right now I am laying down for about 90 minutes and still feel weird, hopefully perogies will fix it. I feel pretty tired too, Katty is sick as well, feeling tired and sick so hopefully I just have the cold or something. I am skeptical but maybe that would explain why it hit me so badly in a day as opposed to a cause that would escalate over time.

I have a fairly big meeting tomorrow, not sure how it will go, the format is a little weird.

There are some cheap photos available right now in 8×10 sizes but I never really see any pictures that I want to print, I need to mark them as I tae them so I don’t have to go back.

I sent Chris a link to the story about robo calls claiming to be from Elections Canada getting people to go to the wrong polling station. He immediately wrote back that Liberals do these dirty tricks too and thus isn’t a big deal. I was shocked that he didn’t look beyond parties and just see that his is bad for democracy and that if this is allowed and tolerated than really whoever has the money can pretty much elect whoever they want, I hope they elect someone I like. I’m not sure why he thinks that or why he is so PC, just a few years ago he was so hardcore liberal. I guess he thought it was a trivial ‘trick’ but it is a serious matter with jailtime attached. It doesn’t put much faith in the system unless it gets dealt with.


So I apparently have vertigo I think, or something. I woke up Saturday morning getting ready to go to the zoo. I had a shower in the morning and when I got out I started to feel a little dizzy, I figured it was from the steam and hot water and it went away pretty quickly. I felt a little nauseous as I went downstairs to the kitchen and felt like throwing up and a little dizzy in the kitchen. I was OK when I stuck my head outside so I was thinking it must have been the smell of bacon. Breakfast foods do gross me out so I thought it was just that. I took my yummy hash brown away from the kitchen to eat, much like a squirrel eating an acorn. It than really kicked in, I was sitting and it felt like the room was spinning very quickly, it didn’t matter if my eyes were opened or close everything felt like it was in motion. I was expecting that if my eyes were closed the motion would stop, but nope it still felt it, almost like carsick. I felt like throwing up from the spinning, it was very intense. The extreme spinning stopped in about 30 minutes although I still felt a little bit of spinning on and off for the next hour. I felt nauseous for the next few hours. Not sure what caused it, if I got water in my ear or if this is something new for me or if I am starting to get sick. I guess from those options I hope I am sick and it is just a bit of fluid running around or water in my ear

Turns out that I didn’t miss out on the zoo, Alex was feeling sick too so no one went, hopefully for Sunday.

Well that was a hell of a day.

Yummy wings

Still so full from yummy chicken wings yesterday night. I have found before the wings at zehrs can taste boiled and kind of gross but the last time I had some it tasted really good. I’m not sure if it because I am not getting honey garlic which seems to make the skin seperate from the wings as it swims in the honey garlic all day or if it is because the wings I get have been sitting for quite a while so it is fairly dry and cooked.

The trees by townline have the perfect amount of snow on the branches, it looks so nice. I wanted to get a picture like that this winter but it hasn’t snowed enough to give me a chance to get that picture. I also wanted to get something with Preston downtown with snow and christmas lights but again that wasn’t happeneing.

Tomorrow I am heading to the zoo, I have no idea what there is to see at the zoo during winter but my groupon will be expiring soon so I have to use it. Originally I was going to use right away and hope that it was still warm enough that not many of the exhibits closed. My nephew is suppose to be coming but I’m not sure how interested he actually is in coming with us, couldn’t really get a straight answer before if he wanted to come and I am finding out it is normally very difficult to contact him during the week and I wanted to go at 8am. : /

Today was suppose to be a huge storm out in the morning and that it would be difficult to get to work with freezing rain and such but it really isn’t bad. It is more rainy than snowy, it kind of sounds like the storm is a few hours late despite suppose to have started overnight. It is still above 0 so I guess it is going to be OK unless the temperature drops.

I think work is coming together for me. At first my new area seemed very overwhelming but the pieces are starting to come together. Managing the inventory will still be a problem, I have to understand how much there is of the programs that are being exited. The buyer I work with acknowledges the problem so we all will be working on it. It is a lot better than what my carpooler has to deal with since her buyer sends out emails saying she can’t make her sales because purchases were cut despite the fact that she has more total purchases this year to last year. It makes me pretty sad that someone like that actually works with us.

One of the guys in my CMA group has gotten a new job, funnily enough it is with a company in the same field as one of our cases. He laughed about and said during one of his interviews he brought in the case and paper we wrote about them. Oh well there goes my insider contact with loblaws, I guess I have to troll through linkdin to find someone else I know who works there if I want to get some info about their inner workings.

I missed out on a team lunch today, I could have attended but I feel kind of weird going since it has been a couple of months and I’d essentially be getting a free meal in front of people who well might not have a job next year. It was to celebrate the year and I was there for about 11 months of that year, I just feel weird about it, that too much time has passed by. I am coming up to 15 years with the company, I am a little miffed that I couldn’t do all 15 with Zellers, oh well. It is a lot longer than I originally thought it would be, I was thinking 5 or so and always made jokes about being a lifer. I still have $110 in gift cards to spend, guess I can stock up on some more soup and crackers. Joy.

Nom Nom Nom

My nephew is a really good cook, yum shrimp alfredo. I seem to eat a lot of fetichine Alfredo but being as weird as I am I don’t seem to like spaghetti noodles instead and I seem to not like regular tomato based sauces anymore for some reason. I use to always eat ground beef mixed with elbows and ketchup but now I can barely eat 5 mouthfuls. I do eat it now with a classico sauce instead of ketchup, all the sugar I guess was helping but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Somehow almost slept in again.

I did get out of bed and on the road on time. Not bad for going to bed at 1230. Sadly I was up watching Friends of all things not realizing the wedding episode was long.

I went to the local butterfly conservatory for the Family day weekend. My niece was afraid of most of the butterflies, specifically them landing on her. I think I got some good pictures, I’ll find out in a couple of days. There weren’t as many as there usually are flying around but it was fun seeing the birds. A couple of times I thought they were going to bean me. I saw one guy there who was very serious about his pictures, super expensive stuff taking a 1000 shots all at slightly different angles, sometimes taking his girlfriends camera taking a hundred shots while she stands there. Funniest part was when he was done he gave her back her camera and than she proceeded to take a bunch more pics of the same butterfly with the same camera.

On Monday I played some dice games while mostly ignoring my nieces cries for help with her calculus. She is still at a stage where she doesn’t get the connections from one thing to another but can do most of the other stuff fine. It is worrying though that she didn’t know how to add or multiply radicals at all and that was a section of her class so far. I have to give her credit though she did do her homework while everyone else was playing. My nephew has really impressed me, I thought his studying habits were weak and would hold him back despite being bright but he is getting some impressive marks.

I built a light box for taking some pics at home, it looks a lot crappier than I was expecting and I was expecting crap. I will be testing it out tonight.

In weight news I was 245 this morning. I had a bunch of popcorn to keep me from snacking and tuna for a small din din. I’ll probably hover around this weight for a while now.

Subway Melt

I guess the weight is still melting off a bit, I dipped under 250 on the scale this morning which seemed pretty good since I have been eating a bit more junk than I should but a lot less than I use to. I was also surprised since I had delicious tacos yesterday and over ate. I ate beyond full but less than what I use to, it wasn’t to the point of feeling sick. Hopefully I can keep it going but a bit more weight loss than my current rate.

Yesterday my niece sent some homework that she needed help with. It is about limits, the theory for calculus. I forgot the derivative is the formula for the slope at any point in the function. I can still do the work, I actually screwed up on the same point as she did. Now it is a matter of getting her to understand what is happening and why. She has the tools for the most part, just not the intuition of when to use what tool.

I REALLY need to clean my glasses

They are soar, I’m stingy with the glasses cleaner like I am with my washer fluid.

My first day in my new department is going well for the most part. The buyer is away which is making it difficult since I can’t get a recap of how the area works and what will be coming up in the future. I guess they made a strategy change to go high low recently but financially it doesn’t really add up, so this can be a painful year. From coming from an area that did high low before it isn’t pretty unless you get the volume to go with it, every week.

Went to a birthday party on the weekend, it was fun but antisocial me came out in a big way. I couldn’t think of stories to talk about or chit chatty stuff so I was quiet for the most part which sucks. I was even reading a Dale Carnigie book earlier, not for the party but to help my career, guess I need more help still. Trouble is I spend a lot of time working and don’t follow sports closely enough there and don’t care about politics enough to talk about it in great detail.


I got another notch lower on my belt, hopefully it isn’t a one day fluke but some real waist loss. I can’t imagine it is loss though since I have been eating not as well as I was at the beginning of my diet.


I took a couple of days off in the middle of the week. Unlike other times that I did this it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I’m not saying it wasn’t the other times but they felt like just a couple of days. I didn’t do anything incredible by no means, shopped for some books and went to the library, had some sushi, but it all felt nice. I was planning on getting some pictures but didn’t get to that.

I have a birthday party in Toronto coming up, should be fun, I was trying to figure out an easy way to attend it and go to a delicious poutine place downtown but it is just too far out of the way. While shopping for wines seeing the variety that was available was entertaining. There was one that claimed it went well with Mexican food, I have never seen anyone at Taco Bell with it, so I don’t know how good it really is.

Dieting is difficult, there seems to be so many unexpected opportunities that creep up that add to your calorie intake. Today was pizza day at work and they had these super delicious double chocolate chip cookies. They tasted so rich like brownies really, and I am weak when the food is in front of me like that, I think I had 4 cookies and 5 slices of pizza. I haven’t loss much more weight, I guess that goes without saying, but I am still trying. I do need to get more active, I find that the most difficult thing to do.

Nothing Happened to me in 2011

Apparently, I was just looking at my posts and I didn’t make any posts in 2011. If I was doing a 365 days thing such as not posting for a different reason each day than I succeeded, YES!!!! This is what success feels like.

2011 started with me getting a new job at Zellers in planning, a nice step up, especially since I was told previously I couldn’t make it to that level, and I finished the year moving to Home Outfitters as a planner. Lots of things happened in between such as finding out the stores were sold to Target so I probably wouldn’t have a job past 2013, this 2 weeks after my promotion. Lots of other non job related stuff happened as well throughout the year. I finished my CMA program with my group, it was an interesting and tough year for the last few projects. Didn’t seem to learn a lot from it, a lot of it made sense but it seemed obvious. I do hope that it helped me be more organized in my thinking and the way. I guess I will see.

I have gone to Detroit a few times, had a fun shopping experience there, buffalo too. I seem to like JC Penny a lot. I got a bunch more ties and started wearing them more often. I even learned how to tie a bow-tie with a lot of Kathy’s help.

At the moment nothing else really comes to mind so maybe I didn’t do too much. I did think about getting a RC plane but after seeing how likely I would just crash it into the ground and lose everything, how expensive they are, and how big they are it really didn’t seem worth it. It’s not something I could simply toss into the backseat of my car and go with.

I did have the most delicious poutine at Poutinis in Toronto, oh man. It was a pulled pork poutine and it even had bacon on the bottom, way better than Smoke’s poutine. The poutine at the Rockton Worlds Fair was horrible too. It didn’t even have cheese curds, just shredded cheese which disappeared into the gravy. The demo derby was fun with a lot of mayhem. The Harrow fair was fun too although it seems to have less every year. Someone did submit a peacock cross stitch, the same one Kathy has been working on for years now. She found a lot of mistakes in it, and than noticed that it still needed some work to match the pattern but she might have just stopped and was sick of doing it anymore.

Hmmmm I can’t think of anything else from 2011

I love meatballs

Unfortunately I wonder how healthy they really are for me sine I over indulge in them. I very seldom eat veggies and such and have even less when meatballs are involved except for rice. Not sure how healthy rice is, I guess it is OK in moderation but I hardly do anything in moderation. I have been holding steady at my weight for a while which was annoying while I was eating better. Last couple of weeks more no no food has been getting eaten like chocolate and such but I am still holding steady. I need to recommit to lose some inches.