String destruction

Stella can be the bored and destructive. There is some old tissue flowers rom a weddng before. Every two weeks or so she pulls one off and tears it a part on the basemant floor. She did it to about 10 of them before I realized what thy were. She got into a bathroom and the door got closed behind her. For the few hours she was in there she went everywhere. She investigated the toothbrushes, jumped on every counter and batted at everything in the bathroom. Mont cats would just make noise or hit the door until they get out but not her.

I have been plaing GTA Chinatown wars for the last couple of days, it is a lot of fun, seems a bit short, I have about 17% complete. I hope most of the remaining is not from finding secrets.

This year there is not nearly as many plums in the tree this year, most that are there seem to be falling off the tree.

One class left, I am starting to feel a little stressed from the class, the last few elements added makes everything more confusing, I hope it doesn’t mess everything else in my head already. I wish I had more free time to spend and just lounge and take more pictures.

Yesterday Kathy and I have bought a whole bunch of yarn at Zellers since it was 40% off clearance stuff. Kathy is pretty well stocked up now. She was coughing a lot, pretty sick, hopefully it won’t last too long. I might be getting sick soon. I woke up in the middle of the night to find Kathy coughing towards me in her sleep, I am sure I was sleeping with my mouth open too. The germs have an express route to my throat.

cough cough

Just as I was leavng this morning.

The neghbour had his trimmer at 7.30 in the morning and told me he was going to do the front yard closest to his house. He takes are of his lawn a lot and waters it everyday. I guess he was concerned that it was making his house look bad to the neighbours. Even though I haven’t cut the lawn in three weeks it wasn’t that tall. It is really only tall in the back. I didn’t trm the yard. In the back the grass was tall and I ran over the hose.

I am sleepy,

need energy, is oranges the way?

They probably would help, haven’t eaten the as much since eating a couple of gross ones. The insides were all dried up with no juice, I don’t know what happened to them but it happened twice at different times. I miss oranges, I hope I don’t get scurvy.

Walked to Soper Park yesterday, all the changes they made to the creek has made a big difference, the park looks healthy and happy and green. There were baby ducks racing all over in the ct tails. One even go chased by another duck and went peep peep peep. I should show some pics but Kathy moved the computer and is cleaning up that room, I don’t want to get in the way…or help…or cut the lawn. On the way back the Space Invader building was demolished. It was set on fire a few time and last weekend the city decided to get rid of the target.

They are caged for your protection.

went to a mixed drink party and ended up being the only person drinking chocolate milk, what kind of party was this?

Nothing else is really up lately, found the one fish that I thought got gobbled up, it was hiding in a log, cherries are ready for picking somewhat. The robin in the tree left and apprently took it’s young with her, the cats are dissappointed but still wait under the tree. The neighbour’s water line to his house broke and is sinking his lawn and driveway, kind of weird to see his only source of water is coming from my hose to his house. Total beaver fever.