I still don’t know portuguese

So all this time I never realized that Jail and Chair are 2 very similarly sounding words. For years my dad would say stuff like if I was speeding they are going to catch me and put me in jail. I thought he was saying they were going to catch me and put me in the chair, I assumed the electric chair. I was a pretty good kid overall, I watched for cars when riding my bike when I was 7 so I wouldn’t go to the electric chair.

I think kids need more threats like this, I would say stuff like you have to wash my car or you will end up in the poisonous snake pit.

So it is my Dad’s birthday today and he is pretty old, 70. Never really clicked in before how old he really is he doesn’t look as frail as normal old people do. I guess it is a good thing he quit smoking.

Kitty is the best and bravest kitty in he world. And cheap computers today come with a chip made in 2008, bah

Dumb can be cute

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At least this time, he decided to close his eyes a little, it makes him look like he is from an anime, and looks more then a little creepy and chopped. The pigs were outside and enjoyed the sun. Katty mentioned that Audrey shed a lot but I didn’t realize how much until I was dumping her litter in the compost heap. There were white hairs all over it, in some places it looked more like an old spiderweb then hair.

I was going to get pictures of some bridges but unfortunately I left the batteries behind, oh well there is always a next time.

Fishie was had and it was yummy, much better then the initial sushi plan that will be implemented later, probably for next Friday when I have that day off.