sick with a broken filling

Well my filling is really broken but a part of it broke off. Now if I run my tongue across my tooth I can feel very jagged edges. Almost feels like I was eating popcorn and part of it got stuck between my teeth. It broke/got chipped /whatever from pizza I think, it wasn’t hard bread or anything, at first I thought a part of the read got stuck but after a bit I concluded that I lost a filling, after checking the mirror at home and from talking with Katty on the car ride home we came to the conclusion that I probably am missing part of my filling since luckily there has been no pain.

I’m not sure if I expressed to Katty exactly how afraid I am of this, I told her but don’t think she realizes how shaken I am to my core. I have a death grip on the chair during cleanings let alone when they actually have to drill. Images of them having to redrill the tooth further to get a new and better fitting filling makes me break into a cold, cold sweat. Worse still when I was examining myself in the mirror the trouble is on a tooth where it is more filling then tooth, so now I am worried that they might just have to yank the whole thing or do other weird mouth stuff. I use the bite blocks for normal drilling, at least this tooth is closer to the front.

Finally the tooth, or the newly exposed filling metal is leaving a pretty weird taste in my mouth, combined with being sick it is pretty gross. I can only hope that I am not experiencing mercury poisoning but instead getting some sort of super power. If my power is having gross lips when waking up and messed up dreams than checkmark!

I have an appointment for the end of the month, I guess I will call tomorrow to see if I should come in sooner. I am worried that the jagged hooks left behind will catch on food and yank the whole filling out as well as my happiness