Day 2 accomplished

I used my adidas shoes today and it wasn’t that bad although I do feel the pounding of the pavement since the shoes are a lot thinner than my Brooks shoes which have so much more cushioning.  I’ll try to go shoe shopping to find something nice since my Brooks are really old and have more than a few tears.  My second 5 minute run was a little tough since it just felt so long.  My knees at the beginning always feel shaky and like I will be turning in early. Week 5 is coming up and it looks tough, day 1 not so much since it is running three times for 5 minutes but than 2intervals for 8 minutes and than 20 minutes straight on Day 3 do look daunting.  So far what this program has determined as natural progression hasn’t been too far off the mark, at the very most I have been off one week for the most part so in a little over 2 weeks time I’ll probably be running for 20 minutes straight.  I wonder how pathetic I will look.  I need to get into my music more or something since instead of forgetting about the time left to run I just think I have to make it through this song and about 2 minutes of the next one, I am never just running until I hear the ring saying time to walk.

Been busy lately, not enough time to get things done around the home like remove some weeds or do some shopping.  Looking forward to going to wonderland, I hope I am thin enough to fit on Behemoth and Leviathan.  Last time it was a little bit of a struggle to get the harness to close all the way, which then becomes a bit freakier when it feels looser while on the ride before the big hills.

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