Week 4 Day 1 Complete

Very slow but my god I did it somehow.  I mostly felt it in my knees and calves, I was going slow enough that I wasn’t breathing hard at any point.  I think I will pick up something for my knees, hope it helps.  I wore my old shoes again instead of my adidas ones that have a much thinner sole.  Sitting now I can feel my knees vibrating still, I kind of like that feeling, it is neat to feel. My feet feel fine though which is good, I hope my knees feel ok tomorrow.  I am surprised that I did the first 5 minute interval and that I was well enough to do the 2nd 3 minute interval.  Last time during that interval I had to push my self and check my phone every 30 seconds hoping it ended after 90 seconds, this time the 3 minute interval wasn’t that bad, I think I checked during the last 30 seconds but didn’t have to push myself that hard.  The last five minute run when I started it I wasn’t sure how far I would get through it, I was expecting 2 minutes, I guess it helped that it was downhill although I did start it off uphill so it evened out.  The last 90 seconds I did have to push myself and check every 30 seconds but it wasn’t nearly as bad as last time.

Went to the vet with Buster, he had a dark spot show up on his eye, it is probably feline iris melanoma.  The vet pretty much just said take pictures to see if it gets bigger over time.  Since he is older he will probably outlive it if it is cancer.  In other news the Habs lost and are out of the playoffs, that was pretty surprising since they were able to beat Boston.  In gross news I carried the garbage can out to the curb and didn’t realize until I got to the street light that it was full of maggots…and I had it pressed against my body, glad I ended up picking it up from the clean side in the dark.

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