Week 4 or repeat week 3

Well I stupidly went ahead with week 4 and I surprisingly didn’t do too horribly.  I did run the first 5 minute interval in its entirely, albeit slowly and I did the whole 3 minute interval afterwards as well.  What was holding me back the most this time was my calves, they didn’t feel loose enough and up for it.  I didn’t attempt the last 5 minute session, instead I got some milk.  It is amazing how often I think I went for a while but only 30 seconds have passed on by, again and again.  I ran for 2 minutes more than last week and I covered the same ground, that is a little disappointing but at least I can move upwards.

I went to toastmasters today and did a table topics which is nice, I hate how they always seem to get cut short, I need to work on my quick on my feet thinking.

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