week 3 done

Barely, the last 3 minute segment I looked at my phone with 40 seconds to go again and had to really push myself to finish it.  It was through a combination of legs being tired and running out of breath, my legs was more about my knees feeling sore, I am wondering if a compression thing on my knees will help any.  I think my distance and pace were a bit better than last time, so I have that going for me, for what it’s worth.  Now the question I guess is do I go ahead to the next week or do a few more days of week 3.  2 sessions of week 5 minutes mixed in with 3 minutes seems like too much when I can barely handle 90 seconds between 3 minutes. I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday what I choose.

Too many weeds in the back yard, I tried clearing out some ground ivy by manually picking it like I did with crabgrass, it left behind so many vines/roots that connect back into the area I cleared.  No matter how clear it looks, there is still some of the old weed hanging about somewhere in it.  I saw Chris’s pond and it is simply amazing to look at and be by, the sound of it and how the water goes over the fall.


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