Feels like I did it wrong

I did day 2 of week 3 today and it seemed to go way too smoothly.  Compared to every other day that I have run I have only broken out half the sweat that I normally do, the distance I covered was about the same as I have covered in my last attempts for week 3 but it seemed so much easier.  It was a bit shorter but nothing too substantial.  Maybe it was shorter than before and I reigned in my pace, even during the last 3 minute interval I wasn’t breathing hard at all or dieing hoping that my 3 minutes was up.  I wonder if it is due to how my knee was feeling, I was thinking during my inital 5 minute warm up walk that I should look into getting a knee brace of some kind since I am still a fatty slamming down a lot of weight on my knees every other day.  Maybe the soreness in my knees slowed my pace enough that I wasn’t pushing myself enough, either that or I  can actually do week 3 fine now without too much difficulty.  I am sure it helped that the temperature was 7 and there was no humidity, still seems odd since I didn’t even think about getting a sip of water.  Actually during my 90 second jogging interval I noticed it seemed like I was running for too long and saw that I was 45 seconds into my 90 second walking interval.  I guess I will find out on Sunday by how well I run that week.  I am still worried about next week since it requires two 5 minute running intervals and I have been having difficulty in just covering the 3 minute ones I have now.  Here is hoping.


Tonight there is possibly a big meteor shower tonight, I am on the fence as to weather I should go out and see what I can capture.  The sky seems clear enough and it is on a weekend so I have that going for me.  I don’t like getting up at 3 though and I get nervous hanging out by myself out in the middle of nothing, I don’t know what it is exactly but it is a little nerve wracking to me.  Even when I did it at Kathy’s grandma’s house where I know that I am perfectly safe it is just weird and foreign to me.  I don’t know if it is the silence or the feeling that I am so alone out there and left to my own devices in case something happens.  Maybe it is more meta than that and I don’t believe that I can depend on myself.  Or coyotes.

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