1 test down 3 more to go to then take a harder test. Makes me want to run off and be a cat rancher, I think I can do that. I was going to plant some seeds today but it snowed on the way home, I guess I should hold off a little bit. Not sure what will get grown, I want more sunflowers, I was not happy with how many just disappeared.

There are more cats in the neighbourhood, an orange and white one came to the door to say hello, he looked like serious cat, he had serious business. I have also seen a back one around and a couple others about. Oh well they have shots and flea meds.

Kathy will be making me a space invader tie, the ship, part of a bunker and a row of enemies with one of them in mid death. I am excitied. I’ll be looking even more good at work, that is atleast +2 charisma. Serious business.