The bed is dry, even after a moth attack

Got a couple of little fishies to start off a new fish tank that will eventually hold frogs. Can’t find the anti chlorine stuff, poor little guys. Well it stopped raining now so I can pop one into the rain barrell so he can escape the new water. I am having a hell of a time trying to remember what I did with the gravel from that tank. There is some of it in the other tank but I can’t remember if tat was the extra (it was a large bag) or if when Kathy moved I put it all in there so there wasn’t any loose gravel. I am starting to suspect that is what I did because with every other tank that doesn’t have water in it they have their gravel, it is the easiest way to keep it together. Doesn’t explain though where the top of the tank went to.

I wrote my test yesterday, I think I did OK, there were about 3 multiple choice questions I wasn’t sure about and one that I couldn’t answer. The problems I am pretty confident about. Finished it in 3 hours, I guess I’ll see how I did by Saturday. I could have easily messed up a few questions since there is always ‘little’ details that I missed.

I thought I have been by the Guelph downtown, I didn’t realize it was further back, it looked really nice, although the roads looked pretty fucked up. There were a couple of spots where I wasn’t sure if I was going in the correct direction, oh well. I probably won’t see it again.

And now about the moth attack, playing DS in bad and the screen is the only source of light in the room when something flys at the screen freaking me out. I wasn’t sure what it was until a second later as I heard the familiar fluttering of wings from a moth as it tried to land on my ear or feast on my brain. It was a big brown moth that I guess wanted to eat me for taking pictures of a caterpillar earlier in the day.
After a few minutes of trying to capture it I just turned the light on in the hall and chased it out there and then sprayed it. I never did find the corpse this morning, they say if you listen carefully you can still hear it falpping around wanting to eat brains and play Grand Theft Auto.

I forgot to post in the last post that I found string around the steps, I started rolling it up and it took about 10 minutes, the string led me to the basement where it was criss crossing all about and formed was once a ball of string. I love how near the end the cat felt the need to carry her kill upstairs to the stairs so everyone can see.

Kitty has something wrong with his eye. It doesn’t look bad, might have just pokmed it with a thistle. He doesn’t seem to be in pain and ddin’t complain when I poked at his head all around his eye. It looks a little swollen and he didn’t want to open his eye but when I carried him into the bathroom and turned on the water he opened both eyes pretty quick. I hope he is OK. He konked his head once before and had a red mark on his head and just lied on the floor with his eyes close due to the pain. Poor kitty.

I have watched the musical Buffy episode 3 times this week and heard the soundtrack about 6 times this week. I am procrastinating a lot. 2 more months of studying, gah. I have watched so much TV to pass the time instead of studying.