Week 6 Day 1 was hot

So hot today, so humid, today felt worse and harder than last time. I wore a regular t shirt and polyester socks so that might have been part of it since heat couldn’t get out. Having a sunburn on my arms didn’t help, my arm and elbow hurt somehow from it, god it just hurts, I really should have worn sunscreen at the Blue Jays game, 3 hours sitting in the sun during peak sun time, god that was stupid.
Tomorrow I’m going to put in my police clearance and chase a squirrel out of an attic if it is in there. Sigh, I miss Kathy, I’ve done shit all today.

Smashed…I ran for 20 minutes straight

So I did it yay, I changed up my course a little bit, it requires crossing a 5 lane roadway but at night so not too busy. It lacks sidewalks, but I did it. The last 10 minutes were slower and harder to press on, actually pretty much once I found out I made it halfway I noticed that my speed had actually dropped, it makes sense a few minutes later as I moved uphill but not where my halfway mark is, that area was all flat. I was a little worried when I fest a little cramp in my abdomen. I ran to the end of the block which made my run actually 21 minutes and 20 seconds, I wonder how much more I could have gone on for. I can’t imagine too much more, my calves were burning a bit. My average pace was 7 minutes and 39 seconds /km so 5k would be a little over 38 minutes. My next two sessions go back to intervals, running 5m/8m/5m and 10m/10m but than 22m, 25m, 28m and finally 30m. Hopefully my pace improves a little bit so I can actually cover 5k in 30 minutes. My pace would need to increase to 6 minutes / km. Shaving almost 2 minutes off of my pace seems like quite the task. I was less sweaty than I was expecting to be, I didn’t drink my bottle of water throughout the day as I usually did, the wicking of my shirt seems to work very well, yay. Actually having a clean shirt is nice as well, and I only had to dodge 2 junebugs.

Today was my last day at work, it was sad, I cried a little, feels like I am turning the page and ending a chapter of my life, which I believe I effectively am. I am looking forward to my new job. Should be fun, the unknowns is so scary yet exciting.

Two 8 minute running sessions

I did it, yay. The start was slow but I got to a point where it wasn’t as bothersome, my pace was slower so I am sure that helped. The end of the run came up sooner than I expected, first time in quite a while that it surprised me. Same thing actually with the second interval, I kept going and increased my pace at the end to burn out whatever energy I had left. Next up is 20 minutes, 4 minutes more than today but after today I think it might be possible for me to do it on the first try. Second or third try is more likely but I think it is possible, I didn’t think that at the start of my run.
I ran with a shirt I used last time, that was a bad mistake, stinky, stinky. I ran with my red shoes again, I’ll try my shield ones again after I do my 20 minute run, I hope they are good for my feet. Seven days until I start my new job, so excited and nervous. I was thinking of having a run after I get off the bus, it is almost 5k so it should be about 30 minutes. Saves me from taking the bus home or walking from the terminal which would be close to the same amount of time.

Day 1 in Week 5

Smash. It was tough and not as easy as I hoped, especially since I had finished week 4 and than redid it again. The first and last 5 minutes were the most tiring, the first half of the last one was tiring but was remarkably easier going downhill for the second half. The next run will be two 8 minute sessions.
I got my shoes replaced, the sucky part was that the cheaper pair of shoes I purchased broke so I had to pay the difference when getting it exchanged with a different model, they didn’t have the pair I had, they don’t carry it in Canada apparently or the SKU was deleted after not carrying it for a while. I found out that the shield name in Nike shoes applies to some waterproof cover or material on the shoe, I thought it had to do with being a high top shoe or having some sort of ring ala Jetsons. The rightmost part of my right shoe seems to press up on my foot, hopefully it is something that settles down and doesn’t cause any problems for me. Friday will be my day to run for 20 minutes, god I hope I can do it.

Maybe I’m a slow starter

At the beginning of my run I feel rusty and I should just pack it in right away. Even afterwards and doing 6 runs for week 4 over 3 weeks it still doesn’t feel quite right, quite like I got it. The last 5 minute interval I guess has got easier, before I would watch the clock for when I can stop running and now it isn’t as much of a hardship, still tiring but not unbearable. My pace was a little bit slower than the previous days. With this I finish Week 4 and move on to week 5. Three 5 minute runs, then two 8 minute runs, then running for 20 minutes non-stop.
Somehow in my shopping for shoes I missed the fact that the red and the blue pair are the exact same shoe, they did feel a little different. I was in too much of a rush to look at the box, so I could have saved over $15 if I just bought 2 blue pairs. I hope my receipt for the shoes get found, my blue par of shoes apparently got a hole in the air pad so it feels squishy now, the sad part is I have only used those shoes for about 7 kms. I noticed it while starting my day at Wonderland, and what a great day it was. The line for Leviathan was about 25 minutes, often times less which was just ridiculous. Anyways if I visited the local Nike store I would have seen that the prices here are similar so I didn’t really get that great of a deal, oddly enough the store here had the newer model vs the older one in the US store. If I didn’t go online to the running room’s website and just thought about looking at the Nike store I would have saved myself a little bit of a headache.
I popped into an actual running room store and that place is pricey, shirts were 30-50, some jacket that looked waterproof and really thin was 150. Those water belt things were $50 and didn’t really look different from any other ones that I have seen, I was a little blown away by it.

Now with humidity

22C feels like 28C, I also changed it up and ran earlier than I usually do. My thighs felt really tired and slow from the heat, I should have worn my runner socks, my feet felt somewhat overheated.  I used my other pair of shoes to see how they were.  They were pretty good as well, a lot of cushion but it seemed like a more solid cushion.  My ankles and calves feel good.  I seemed to have run a little bit further and faster than last time, just a smidge but it is on the right track.  I picked up a couple of additional pieces for workouts, wicking shirts and apparently shorts that have no frickin pockets, had to carry my phone and wallet like a chump.

I did sign up for toastmasters again and did table topics.  With my new commute I may take the opportunity to write speeches during this time.  Target is very stupid, if they have a bogo and you buy three items they discount the cheapest item, not the second cheapest, way to squeeze every penny out of your customer, Zellers didn’t do that, I don’t think even the Bay does that.

6 days off

Was sick with a nasty unproductive cough. No real phlegm just soar throat and coughing, oh and a whole lot of exhaustion. This morning I had a couple of coughs and a sneeze but it all seems to have disappeared during the day. I finally gone for a run, I thought about going backwards a week, I was afraid that my lungs wouldn’t be up to the task or my legs. I stayed with 3mins/5mins running x2 and I succeeded. The second 5 minute interval was tougher but not that bad, just boring. My shoes are a comfy dream, I am worried that my right foot sticks out on an angle too much and that will cause problems down the road. I think this will be Day 1 of Week 4 and by repeating week 4 I should be strong enough to get through week 5, especially day 3 where I will have to run for 20 minutes straight.

I picked up dicemasters but still haven’t played it, hopefully tomorrow. I had a lobster today, so yummy, at least the claws, I don’t find the tail as good as the claws, maybe it works better in fettuccine or something. Oh well, it was cheap and yummy. Tomorrow will be a painting day.

Still can’t close the deal

I had to stop 3 minutes into the 5 minute interval due to a stitch. I paused and finished it, but skipped out on the next 3 and 5 minute interval. I had trouble getting my whole breath with my minor cold.
My shoes feel like a cushion of air, it was really nice. The right side of my right foot was a bit soar, I think it is naturally angled like that and it hurts a bit.

Week 4 Day 3 is done

I did it, yay.  I did have an extra 2 days off which seemed to really help my knees and calves.  I am still struggling with how boring the runs are, I can’t seem to get my mind to not notice the time going by or everystep that I take.  I looked at my phone during the second 5 minute interval and I still had 2 minutes to go, I thought I was getting down to 30 seconds or less.  So boring.  My pace did seem to be a little bit faster than the previous 2 days.  I set my Nike app to record and I was looking forward to see if my pace did increase and I guess I switched at the wrong time since it paused the app and it never recorded a thing. sigh.  On my run some of the negative thoughts started to creep back into my head and I was wondering if I should spend the money on new shoes, is this something that I can continue on?

I was suppose to do Day 1 of Week 5 today however 2 days ago I had to cut my run short due to rain.  It started to just pour but I was lucky enough to be close to some businesses and able to duck into their doorway to stay out of the rain.  As I got in there a cop that was driving down the road suddenly lit up their cherries and parked in the parking lot across the street while I was waiting for wifey to come pick me up.  She couldn’t find me and parked beside the cop, I jog over to get out of the rain and into the car when the cop comes to our window asking why we are here and where we were going.  As he was asking a voice came over his radio saying the suspect was a white male, 30-35, wearing a blue shirt and dark pants.  I was wearing a blue shirt as well.  I at that instance thought this was going to be a long night of questioning.  He went to his car and then said we can go, and just as we were turning around in the driveway he came back and asked us to wait a moment, he was checking something else on the radio, and then we were able to finally go on our way.