So tired

I liked setting off all of the boomsticks, that was fun. Pinballs and Fish are cool. Same price as at Forwell’s. I liked the Fish one more, the packaging described it as shooting fish and I needed to see what that was all about.

It is about 8 now and I am in bed and I wouldn’t be surprised if I just fell asleep right now, I slept a bunch on Monday but it was obviously not enough. I was yawning through a meeting at work no matter how hard I tried to stop. I think that may be partially to blame that it went during 2 pm. And it is very difficult to find an article detailing why someone naturally gets sleepy at 2 in the afternoon. The Kitty just strentched and plunked his head down on the mattress, I think he is out. He ran outside three different times today. The first two times he heards crows crowing and that scared him to make him run across the neighbours yard back into the house. The third time happened when some kids were making noise.

Kathy has a new mattress coming her way on Saturday, not the best mattress by any means but it should be good enough for 1-2 years. I didn’t shave again, I do not look very professional. Oh for those who have a computer in another room and want to access it or use programs from it remotely, tightvnc is dirt easy to use and rocks. Just google it but I think it is I now put blank cds in the computers incase I want to d/l something on to that computer and than burn it there, so handy. Now I need to figure out how to access it from other locations. I hope I remember to bring everything I need to bring tomorrow, my camera wants to take pictures of ducks. I should post some pictures soon!


I was walking with kathy home in Waterloo and this guy said “Donny, is that you?” He was my neighbour over 20 years ago. I apparenlty still look like a 5 year old. I’m surprised he remembered me since I don’t remember playing with the neighbourhood kids much and he looked to be about my age. Weird. I was a bit freaked out over it. It has been quite a while since I have written, I am sorry journal.

Today Kathy and I purchased a mattress, just a cheaper one to get us by for a year or two since the room is rather small. We also sat on the Swedish memory foam bed, my god, it is so soft and comfortable. I think it was around 3500 or so. We also went to St. Jacobs, didn’t really buy anything but did wander around a lot. The video game store didn’t want to pull out the box with the other PS1 games, just like what happened with Chris last year. It turns out there wasn’t anything in there. They had Ogre Battle 64 for 150 bucks, nothing else though. I did get a jumping spider though, yay, Kitty will have fun with that. The other day Kathy came by earlier and played and petted him for a solid hour, as soon as the door opened and I came in he immediately left her, meowed, and trotted over to me. Kitty loves me more.

I played DDR a bit today, I am so out of shape, I was sweating hard after a few rounds, I need to lose my gut.

Victoria Day is coming up and I got boomsticks. A lot of the neighbours have been firing off stuff every night.

So many lost memories already. Work has been well and I have been getting up a bit earlier since I have been staying at Kathy’s place more.

Today we also went and saw the cute and cuddly little baby rabbits at Waterloo Park and just wandered about in general a lot. It has been a good day.

Still sick

Last Saturday was my niece’s confirmation, which was apparently something I had to go to. I am the god father or something. Didn’t really matter that I was pretty sick and was having trouble standing, I had to go. My mom tried guilting me into going but she knew that wasn’t going to get very far. She tried talking to Kathy about how I am the god father and how I’d be dissappointed if I didn’t go. She didn’t buy it much. I ended up going or else. The good thing about Roman Catholic cermonies is they last about 45 minutes to an hour. I felt like poo all throughout, I didn’t stand much, I kind of leaned against the pew in front of me instead of the floor. It was awful. I wasn’t very coughy or snotty so at least there was that. The day itself was rather beautiful. Chris was rollerblading by as I was heading to the car. I guess I am ghetto trash or something since he asked me where the closest dollar store was. I still don’t know why they needed something from there, they made it sound so mysterious.

My sister rented out a room at a golf course for the reception. There was some sort of stuffed ribs which was actually pretty good. I took off not too long after. I finally got some more sleep. At the reception everybody had their game boys except me. Sierra may have lost her gameboy at that party since that was the last time it was seen. She probably took it home but no one really knows for sure.

I have been running all over around town and region mostly in car but a little on bike as I mentioned yesterday. Went to Zellers, Blacks, Futureshop, Staples, Wal-Mart, Futureshop, Home, Zellers, Blacks, 60 Minute Photos, Zehrs, home, Zellers, home, Waterloo Futureshop, Waterloo Zellers, Zehrs, and home. This was over two days. Buying stuff, returning stuff, looking for stuff. All be told I bought 4 things and got a picture done. I never knew returning stuff at Zehrs was such a pain in the ass. I had the receipt and at first they weren’t sure if I could return the memory card. Good thing it was in one of those snappable, resealable things. Even after getting the OK they still wanted lots of info even though I had my receipt, I am use to returning stuff at Zellers with the receipt and it is a breeze. I asked and the person who sold it to me said 14 days, won’t be a problem. All that to save 7 bucks, found an older deal buy at Zellers, better brand too yay.

Haha my niece doesn’t want to go home since I guess she got yelled at a lot earlier when I wasn’t here when it was discovered her gameboy may be lost. My sister probably asked her where it was at home and instead of saying I am not sure probably said at Grand mas instead of actually looking for it. The same thing occured with a gameboy game that they were sure was here, turns out it was at home too.

It feels so weird without the ability or chance to go see Kathy when I want to. Feels so lonely. I was all excited when I was running around town since a lot of it was for preperations to go on my trip to see her but I still have to go to work on Monday and than on Tuesday still. I will get to leave a bit earlier on Tuesday but not by very much. I will probably miss out on all of Nintendo’s announcements during E3 as well. Oh well, Via rail does have internet service available in their trains now but it is redicously expensive.

Right now I am trying to recall what I ate yesterday and I cannot remember a think other than a charity sausage dog. A vendor told the charity people that since it is a bit on the cold and rainy side they should have more hot dogs prepared than sausages since from his past experience that stuff moves the most during such weather conditions.

It is about 6.15 on this Sunday afternoon and I have no clue what I am going to do with myself for the rest of the night. I personally do not have anything really to do and I have no where left to go. I got everything I needed to get and everyone is pretty much out of town, not that I have any money in my budget to do something interesting. It is scary but when I get bored like this all I want to do is eat, not a tonne of stuff but all that I can think of is about going to Burger King or Harvey’s for a poutine or maybe getting some sort of sub. I should eat some of the bread that I have around here, according to Chris that is already unhealthy enough for me. les sigh, mon dieu.

I miss you

I miss kathy, she is away at her parents currently, I will be going soon. I dunno what to say, it has been a while. I got pretty sick but I am mostly over it, Kathy is sick at the moment though. I picked up Paper Mario since it is 30 dollars now. The Robin that put it’s nest at shoulder height’s eggs hatched. I saw some guy at Waterloo Park terrorize a fainting goat to see it faint. I spent too much money. I biked to the mall and was exhausted halfway there. My legs felt like moosh when I went to walk down some stairs after. Walking through a parking lot a guy pulled up and offered to see me some speakers. They weren’t stolen but he needed the money right away for a weekend of fun, he only had a couple, which actually was more like a dozen. I sleep now.