I was at the TSC store and they had tonnes of seeds all set up so I can plant my field, they should put up some banners saying play Farmville today. It was weird they had potatoes on the shelf, it would have been easier to put potato seeds there instead, what craziness.

This one had a bigger clothing section and I have never seen 8 feet of John Deere hats but I have now, and Caterpillar T shirts. Great stuff for Halloween. I loved the farm toy kits, it consisted of a few tractors, an ATV, a couple of trailers and a couple of pick up trucks, no cars, no hybrids, all lolz.

The feed store didn’t have the big bags of Guinea Pig food in-stock at the moment, still kind of surprised that they even carry it, the rabbit food makes sense since it says on the package that it is food to grow the bunny for eatings, presumably that will be the end goal for most farmers. They had some really nice and fancy copper bird houses. I guess copper is making a comeback and it wasn’t a little copper but a lot of it was copper, it looked really nice and as it turned out very expensive. The more elaborate bird house was around $300, the simpler ones were 100 to 150. I hope those things have a big mark up because a lot of the bird houses there were a lot more expensive then I would imagine they should be. They had simple wood ones at the door that looked like the kind a kid would make in shop class for $40, maybe it was $30, either way we need weaker child labour laws clearly! The weirdest part of that store was they had a guy behind the counter that reminded me a lot of the pretty boys from the Flintones, not quite sure what it was, maybe he had long eye lashes. Apparently he reminded me of Stoney Curtis. The Flintstones have given me a very broad education.

The other day on the way home there was collision on the bridge with two cars, not 2 car lengths away was another 2 car collision on the other side of the divided road, I wonder which two cars had the crash first and which two rubber-necked. The carpool is 4 people strong at the moment and it is so nice to be chauffeured in more often, I filled up my car on Sunday and I drove twice but still have gas in my tank, yay!.

I went to see a Queen cover band on Tuesday, the show was really good, they went through a lot of the songs that Queen did and put on the type of show that Queen would do, just at a lower budget since they aren’t selling out stadiums. Lots of running around on stage and costume changes. He even came out in drag for one part and grabbed some guys head and shoved it into his faux cleavage for around 20 seconds, it was a pretty good show.

I love this sweet sauce chicken stuff Katty makes, when ever I think about it I drool a little bit and want to eat more. Even with a car full of stuff I wanted to stop at Zehrs to get some more, it didn’t matter that I had peanuts or some really delicious chocolate bars (really good bars) I would have given it all up just for this sauce, I need the sauce badly apparently.

On the homework front I have been getting it done steadily, right now I am procrastinating a bit, earlier with driving around a little bit enjoying the sunshine. I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the nice days since I had some homework that I needed to get done because of some earlier procrastination. Today and tomorrow I am hoping I cross off a couple of other things off of my list so I can enjoy my Sunday a bit more and work a head during the week. With all of this hard work I will hopefully be able to purchase one of these fancy $900,000 homes, I think the counters inside are marble! and you must see the outhouse, it has his and her facilities, there is a toilet with a funnel next to it so it can be used by 2 people at the same time, simply marvelous, that is the type of luxury you should expect.

Fancy House, Fancy Pants

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My procrastination seems to slowly being cured, I have that to look forward to if I want to be a productive member of society. I am still afraid of what my workload will look like in the future and I am living week to week like the drunks do (as Hank Hill would say, he is a sage). Another addiction reference. At work a couple of people probably think I am a stoner, I go out for lunch and when I come back I seem spaced out and can’t remember the simplest details like if we work on Easter Monday, apparently we do. The school rots your brain, always giving Easter Monday off, and they rose my expectations of the bus, shit man didn’t I get to ride that shit for free to get to school.


Kitty has come and gone, he was visiting for a week. I gave him to my brother a while ago so he could watch him since he wasn’t getting along with the other cats at all and just wasn’t happy anymore. He was surprisingly good, not hiding in the basement and not fighting the other cats or running away to hide from them. He spent most of his time alone, but he was able to eat with them and such, something that was difficult to do before. Before he got picked up to go my sister came by with her dogs who were napping in the kitchen, he didn’t realize that there were dogs still in the house, as soon as he turned the corner to see them he immediately tried running away as soon as he could to the point that his feet were slipping on the tile floor because he was trying to run as fast as he could. Luckily that was all caught on camera.

I am still having trouble with my Yahoo ID though and it has been about a month now. It goes into a non stop loop saying that I was a rogers/Yahoo internet user but now I will be a Yahoo user only, I choose OK and it logs me out and I can’t login with my Yahoo account anymore so I can’t get to my flickr account. It is pretty annoying and I am not sure if the Yahoo people understand exactly what my problem is since no one has been able to fix it yet. I am kind of bummed about it, I did take some neat pics of the dogs playing outside with each other in the snow. And a few good ones where it looks like the one was going to bite the head off of the other one but that was when I ran out of room on my memory card and couldn’t get a hold of another one. When I went in the dogs went in and went to sleep in the kitchen pretty much.

I should be doing homework this weekend, I should be doing homework right now but I can’t seem to bring my self around to doing it which sucks so much, I want to get this stuff done and over with but I can’t bring myself to writing a few hundred words, it really isn’t that much effort : /

Yesterday to avoid it and because I was bored and felt shut in Katty and I went out for a drive, drove around the outskirts of the city where we saw a few very tall hills and I am pretty sure an NES on the side of the road. I think I should have pulled over to take a look but it was windy cold. Maybe I have an excuse to go back there next weekend instead of being productive.

I got a kite at sample sale and I am excited to give it a try and fly it around a bit but at the same time part of the reason for that is because I’d rather be doing something other than homework, including flying a kite, I did get a wicked reel for it though. It is probably good that I don’t go out too much and as a result don’t try and fill the void in time with consumer products, I at least recognize that is what I am trying to do at times. Did see a couple of puppies at the mall, there were a couple of weenie dogs that looked cute and a bloodhound mix, they were playing happily at first, next time we walked by they were passed out. Either way cute but completely out of the question since I don’t have the time to walk or train them and most of the cats don’t like dogs at all.

I think I will try writing some stuff down for my assignment to get it out of the way, it shouldn’t be too hard, just a matter of doing it.

hot dog wanderings

I left a hot dog on the counter and it was so irresistable that one of the cats hopped up and dragged it out of the kitchen, but then left it abandoned. I got a couple of new beds from sample sale, one is so fancy looking that my mom thought it was a couch cushion of some sort or bedding. One of the beds has a backing to it and sort of has a roof, meh.

Need to do a couple of homework things and I should be set to go. They haven’t billed me yet and apprently I will have a month after they bill me to pay, which is nice. PC financial has to move some of my RRSP to a chequing account so I can transfer it out to a trading account and I should be all set there. Taxes are lined up to go, just have to go through everything and make sure it is all around. I have most of the stuff entered already.

I think I am going to try for a picture of a birdie tomorrow, 99% chance I will forget and leave in the morning in a tired state of confusion.