My Head Hurts Some More

I came back from my vacation. It was a fun 10 days although it was originally suppose to be like 20 or something, meh. Didn’t get out a whole lot and ate sushi until I got sick. I didn’t see any giant tomatoes but I did get to see giant kitties and a weiner dog.

I switched departments at work, not quite sure if I am doing stuff correctly but I guess i’ll find out on Monday. I did get to make a couple of VB scripts for someone so I am learning, yay.

On the present front I didn’t really want anything at all, after all I got nobody anything really and Kathy got a cheap book she wanted and a bumble, yes a bumble! I got Arrested Development Season 1 and 2 as well as some boots that hurt my feet a lot that I am told I’ll be able to stretch and something else that I can’t really remember at the moment since I am so tired. Oh Super Scrable.

I got some Tiger Barbs yesterday and some other fish and the cat is absolutely fascinated by them, he sits far from the tank now and just watches everything in there. He loves it.

I was thinking of getting some more but those plans are put on hold now since the power steering in my car broke. Not just a line but the whole thing and it is 800 bones to replace and repair. A whole 1/3 of my car’s value. It broke down in Brampton so I had to find someplace that could even look at it tonight and hope they could repair it in time so I could go home eventually. Since it wasn’t something simple like a line they had to order stuff in that wouldn’t make it in time and I had to call around until I found someone who could give me a ride home.

I’m going to sleep now, I am very tired. Did I write about the story about getting lost in Brantford? That town is ghetto.

Loo Woo Hoo

I’m going to be lonely soon. Kathy will be heading soon to her home planet. It will be a few days before I can follow. After when I get back I’ll get lonely again. I hope I can perform.

My tummy is weird, Harveys is weird. I shouldn’t eat there. I need to learn VBscript just so I can fiddle with excel more. Meh. I had to drive to work alone today. The drive itself wasn’t too bad safety wise, just a lot slow moving people and dumb people.

I don’t feel like writing much now.

I work a bit much

11 hours monday 8 hours today. Could be worse, could be John he was still going when I left, of course he is paid double than me. That’ll be fixed if the NDP get elected. I’m sleepy and feel icky and achey. I haven’t practiced any vbscript yet. I did screw up some more things at work, bah. I should get a nice bowl of ice cream. Well the week is almost over at least, sigh. Had to clean up another store today, the only trouble was that it was pretty damn clean, and I got lost leaving it. Hell I even got lost in the mall I walked the centre hub of the mall 400 degrees before I found the wing housing the food court and than I promptly left since there was a line for sushi and mozza burgers.

I kind of feel like hiking somewhere but I am not sure where, plus it is cold and windy lately so that won’t be as much fun as I’d imagine it to be. My hair is getting so long and mullety. I feel like I should be getting a berett or something to tie it back with. It just feels like too much hair but I do enjoy just having it just puff up at the end of the day.

My gum is weak, help me Willy Wonka!

My Brother-In-Law and Sister went to attend a funeral on Thursday or Friday for his niece. My mom said she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She only briefly mentioned it so I’m not entirely sure how accurate that statement was. She was around 24ish I believe. When I was in grade 7 she came over for a month to Cambridge during the summer. During that summer I had my first kiss. She actually kissed me first, I guess she was slumming. Being the dorky kid I was than I was trying to avoid her, she tried a few times. I think I thought I was going to be a bad kisser and such so yeah. We ended up kissing a few more times during the summer. Maybe she just thought I was playing hard to get. Wow I discovered that secret so yound and didn’t even notice, pretend you’re not interested and they’ll redouble their efforst, heh. I remember being dissappointed next summer because she was suppose to come again next summer but she ended up working all summer so she can get new school clothes of her choosing. It seems like this is all I can remember of her. Oh well.

Yesterday was the Zellers xmas party, I didn’t go, too far and I didn’t think it’d be my scene. I did end up getting some grocery store sushi at Zehrs, they had some tuna and salmon maki roll stuff, it was extremely good and fairly cheap at 5.99 or so. Double Dash now, hopefully I’ll remember to write again soon.