Movie time

I have another anime now, wow I know. All based on 5 minutes worth of the tv show and learning that some friends really enjoy the show. It has been so long since I rented a movie. Hell it is cheaper than buying and I don’t think I want to own the movies. The anime one though I think would be difficult to track down otherwise, meh. I’m sure Willow will eventually end up on the shelf, eventually. Maybe there will be a special edition one, with I dunno, a slimmer Jabba. I purchased about 8 packs of weiners. I hope that doesn’t say anything about my manhood.

If I wake up early tomorrow, than chocolate milk will be mine! I own one very confused, cute, and paranoid kitty. He gets to play with the laser too much, and when it goes off he keeps jerking his head around to look for it. If he doesn’t see it than he get paranoid that it is headed for his butt or tail or something and he starts to get up and look around him. Eventually he’ll back up against something that he believes is safe and continues to look for the laser confident that it won’t get him from behind. I guess the cat is not gay, or at the very least does not like to be invaded by unpleasent means.


I think I feel like Mankind when he tried becoming a good guy. Well I guess he did do that successfully when he yelled at Vince, ‘Why didn’t you sign me when I was good’. I think that’s how I feel about my jobby. I am certainly happy and relieved that I got it but still a little angry at myself that it took this long. Meh, I shall celebrate by getting fireworks. Chris, Steve you up for any of this shit?

Kathy had brownies baking when I came home, what a sweetie. Since they have come out of the oven hour ago I have proceeded to eat half of them. Yum. My parents are apparently the 816th people in Flores to get a phone since they said all the numbers are the same except the last three on the phone numbers thay have given me to some other people that live their. It’s weird I have been half planning on going to my sister’s house for a dip in the pool but after work I can never really get around to it, oh well. The beach would certainly be nice but at the same time I’m sure either myself or Kathy will pass out from the heat or hell maybe just the drive. It makes me feel like a cranky old man, I use to love driving down to Long Point or Turkey Point and just spending hours there buying hustlers at the shops facing the waters, just watching the people jumping on the ginat trampoline.


The cat has gone bonkers. He has been pretty bored all day. Now he is running around the room constantly now. He chased his shadow around the wall, than looked at it all confused. Randomly runs by the middle of the room taking a passive swipe at the mouse in the middle of the room, many times in a row. Than he went after one by a chair, got up to it, hit it, somehow got scared by it and did this weird jump in the air. It looked like he just jumped into the air with all 4 feet at the same time. He than attacked the mouse more.

Earlier I was lying down in bed when out of no where he came running into the room and jumped and landed his two front feet on my leg. The little bugger scared the shit out of me and I jumped, which in turn freaked the shit out of him and out of the room he went running just as quickly as he came after jumping backwards in surprise. I miss the kitty.

I want more Heavenly Hash Ice Cream. Right now I am kind of hoarding it eating vanilla and chocolate instead to save the hash. I should bake some brownies with my nearly expired eggs.


I’m not too hungry and I don’t know what to do with myself. I want to change the look of this thing a bit but, I am not too sure where to start. I had two job interviews Friday, the first one they were already deciding between two people and didn’t want me, the second was for a lower position and she is worried I’d get bored and leave, I haven’t for two years already, what makes her think I will all of a sudden, meh. I just want to get this shit over with, hummf. I need to go take more pictures and such.

I picked up Starfox for SNES the otherday, I do not remember that game being that difficult. I had so much trouble getting passed the first level. I wish they would make a good Star Fox game again.

Hello world!

Yeah I changed it, meh.

I was beside someone at a stoplight who gave a very wide berth to the car in front of them. Than at the next intersection they were the car at the front and they still gave a large berth to the crosswalk. There precious beamer couldn’t get hurt. Next intersection a minivan did it, all be it was with another car, not the crosswalk.

I have purchased so much ice cream yesterday. About 16 litres with more planning on being purchased. Yay. I miss cheese. I love it. I heart cheese. I know this is shit.