Week 3 do over

I was sick last week and unable to make my runs so I started week 3 over again. It went OK. I ran it on a treadmill and it went good, Ran mostly at 5 but for the last 3 minute session I left it at 4.5. I think my parents house is especially dry because my throat hurt afterwards, and later it felt like I was getting some wetness feeling in my lungs. it seems that usually occurs in the winter time because the air outside is cold and it irritates the bronchi, apparently my parents house is just that dry.  Otherwise it felt like a good run, I had it on an incline of 5. I haven’t run outside yet although it is warming up, still just using the treadmill and the indoor track. By my quick calculation I should be at 10k again by the end of April, hopefully it works out and I am a little faster.

I am a little anxious for next weeks run since it is 3 minutes and 5 minutes, and soon after that is 20 straight minutes of running. Last time I had a lot more failures, but it gave me more time to build my base, I hope that I have that base this time around, I imagine I do it just seems weird since I have put less time and effort into getting this far so far.

Quick run

I ran on a treadmill today, wasn’t too bad but I guess I was going slower than usual, I did 2 km. Although I don’t know if I ran less than the last 2 times. I counted the number of laps I did, it seems like 2.5 km, although it doesn’t really seem right. I set it at 5 for my runs at a 3 incline. I was tired by the end but felt better than usual so I guess I didn’t push my self as hard as I usually do. It usually feels like my calves swell up a bit keeping blood from leaving my foot but it wasn’t like that today.

Jan 12 run

Back for a lunchtime run. The cool air of the arena really keeps my sweat down and than as soon I change, boom. Did a week 2 run again. It felt a lot better this time, didn’t seem to struggle on the running sessions. My calves did feel tight but not as bad as the week before. I just have to get up to doing it 3 times a week now instead of once a week.

January 6th run

WOOHOO I ran, finally. Although it was a sad amount of running. I went back to C25k and started myself on week 2 which is run 90 seconds and than walk for 2 minutes 6 times. It took a lot out of me. My calves were burning and felt swollen. I had a lot of difficulty in catching my breath, even a minute into walking after a jogging session I could take a deep breath, the kind of breath that really expands your lungs. It was a weird feeling,I might have been able to do it if I stopped walking all together but it wasn’t like I was walking quickly, the Nike app thought I was standing still and paused the workout a few times.

On the bright side afterwards and today my legs feel OK, a little stiff but not bad.  When I started I was worried I was going to fail the day but I seemed to just get by. Not sure if I can do next week’s run but I have a couple more times for week 2 before I get there. Hopefully I can build up to it.