Shrimp Breath

Last few weeks kathy has been off school and living in Cambridge with me which is really nice. It is nice to wake up next to her semi curled hair and funny to watch her invade the part of the bed I was just sleeping in. I apparently hog the bad during the night : p. We spent a few days down in Harrow with her relatives during her Birthday, it was fun and relaxing. I got to see a muskrat swimming about and some birds with red on their wings and some other crazy stuff like Leya. Played a lot of Blokus too and found out that those bastards made a PSP version but not a DS version, fuckers.

Mario Kart is fun, but 150 is damn hard, too many enemies and I can never get into first, it is very difficult to get to just 3rd and I fall apart at the end. Last couple of weeks I have watched seasons 5-7 of Buffy and am now working on Angel however Kathy will be watching the rest before school really picks up, oh well. Cottages are expensive to rent for a week or two, even after Labour day.

I am sleepy and nervous now. I do a full day in my new position and it is very time intense and I am not sure if I will remember everything, so many unknowns.