I avoided getting 2.25Kg of cheese

It could have been mine for the low, low price of $25. I did get a gallon of Febreeze today, it cost $23. I need to get Access to do what I need it to do for work, I have to condense 6 tabs of info into something meaningful, hope I can, otherwise I’d have to use MySQL or something.

Katty is still feeling icky, it has been a few weeks now, sigh.

My drive home last Friday was bad,, this week it was even slower. Going the last 3 KM on the highway took 15 minutes, and the worst part is that I was considering getting of on the previous exit and use the city streets to get in the same position, I figured the HWY was moving well enough, it would be the same amount of time either way. Again there were accidents everywhere and they had me cut off to Waterloo, the one on Bridge St made the drive through Bridgeport 40 minutes in itself. All said I think it took 2-2.5 hours to get here from work, good thing I was able to leave an hour later.

The weather sill looks icky and I need to do homework, I have to finish off my assignment and prepare answers from the text since my group will be called up to provide the answers for them in front of the class.

Fringe and stuff

Busy busy weekend. Friday night I got to go to the Fringe festival at
Laurier. I also got to go on Saturday night. I liked just about all
the of the plays. There was just one play that I did not like as much
as the others, I was looking more for the comedy and it was just trying
to be smart and emo. There was an opera which was based off of the
Robert Munch book, Mortimer, Be Quiet. I voted for it as best play for
that day. Although most of the plays were funny some just went off in
weird tangents and it was like when they were writing they decided hey
lets just do this out of the blue, such as the random dance numbers.

Katty really enjoyed the 15 Minute Hamlet.

I guess diseases are flying around, Katty wasn’t feeling very well. She
takes a lot of vitamin C pills as well as ginseng and Cold FX when it
feels like she is getting close to sick, that helps keep her from
getting the worst symptoms but she does feel though just general
ickyness and weird body temperature changes.

This weekend I didn’t do too much, I went to Giant Tiger to get some 88
cent milk that was on sales, the one in Kitchener is the nicest one I
have been to. I think I have begun to curb my spending, My Visa and
Zellers card were over 1000 grand this month and Katty’s reached 800$.
I believe I will be getting a $500 return from school since I dropped
one of my classes, they just usually hold onto it until the end of the
term to consolidate it with anything else that they may have.

Right now I am actually writing this at work eating an apple really,
really wanting to walk to the Burger King down the street for a Whopper,
it is Wednesday after all. If it wasn’t Wednesday I would be really
wanting to go to Pizza Hut despite my Subway coupons.

Yesterday night I went through doing my assignment for Accounting, I
think I have most of it under control however there are a couple of
issues that I am uncertain about that don’t seem to be covered
adequately in the text. I’m not sure if the first part of the text
perhaps would cover it better but it is just a couple of holes that may
have been left open for simplicity’s sake. I still can’t seem to
remember exactly everything I needed to know for this assignment, I had
to go back into my text to review the appropriate sections. Tonight I
guess I’ll check the solutions and double check them with my answers as
well as do the answers for next, next weeks chapter.

I think Kitty is relieved to not have the kids around anymore, whenever
I came home he sought refuge in my room. The first day they were over
he just stayed in the basement and didn’t come out until he realized I
was home.

Kitty didn’t something cute the other day. We play this game where I pull on the sheets a bit from the end of the bed and he assumes that there is something under the sheet by his feet since he is being pulled a bit and must kill it immediately. He usually paws it a lot than goes in with his teeth. The other day he jumps up on the bed, walks a bit and than notices that the sheet beneathe his feet are wrinkling and moving a bit and with that he spontaneously jumps into action biting at the sheet until it is ‘dead’. Take that.

My first assignment for Business class is just about done, just need some clean up. Good thing I did most of it before hand, the MSN meeting thing did not work out the greatest.

tap tap tap

I have for the last 7 minutes been reading an article online all the while tapping my nails in a very obnoxious way onmy laptop. Katty would stop and stare at me until I stop if I were in the same room as her. I am pretty jiminiy if I can use that as a word. I should be reading a chapter but instead tap tap tap. It seems strangely theraputic in a way, I keep wanting to do it even now, tap tap tap. The sound felt good, my joints in my fingers were alive. I was trying to get the perfect beat, like it would unlock everything I want to know. God is in the tapping.

Hopefully I’ll have it out of my system when I go to see my honey.

I am already falling a bit behind in my studies. My schedule is thrown off due to the snow fall that cancelled class on Monday, although I mmight be in the same predictament otherwise since I did have all day Monday to do this shit. I have to read half of this chapter still, do the questions for it by Monday and than behind the scenes make notes for the second and third chapters and double check my work for the class missed to see if I did the problems correctly.

Work has been uneventful lately, some things to do, mostly non emergency yet still important, just not terribly exciting tasks that eat up time. Tomorrow I think I’ll be having a one on one meeting with my boss, should be fun, unless it is cancelled since we have to do markdowns, well she does, I just set up the file. : /

I made beans

I ate beans, after consulting the Internet first to make certain that I can just put beans in a pot and heat it. After seeing I could put it cold in a salad I figured I wouldn’t get poisened in any weird way. So that was my dinner. I didn’t have chilli with it either. After that started cooking I found the cookies which I had originally wanted for dinner along with milk.

People in bathrooms make some weird sounds, I prefer to use the can in one of the busier washrooms at work since the stall has more leg room and when some people go pee pee they make some pretty weird groaning sounds. I hope I don’t get old and have nice shoes.

Apparently I am weird because of my fear of hand dryers. My fear is actually that a swarm of baby spiders that would be nesting in the hand dryer will come out covering my hands and arms and crawl all over my body of afterwards. Some people think this is a silly fear. Through Google I have found two others with my fear one also fears

He was scared of hand dryers in public loos.
He still is scared of the flush in aeroplane toilets (loud and sudden noise)
He is scared of dogs he doesn’t know …
He is scared of the dark.
He has grown out of most of the noise fears now though (he is 6 and a half)
He also used to be terrified of people in costumes at parties … clowns, giant animal costumes etc etc.
According to his mommy.

The other
Until recently, DS (5) had an irrational fear of hand dryers.
According to his mom.

I feel for them, poor kids. The road in life doesn’t get any easier, you start to imagine all kinds of things coming out of there.

Right at this moment I am in bed with my feet on the mattress and knees in the air, because the cat is cold he is under my legs which are under the blanket. He can be so cute sometimes.

On Friday I shall be going to the Fr!nge festival at Laurier. Should be fun although a couple of plays this year sound boring. Hopefully there won’t be a play on numerology this year.

It is not easier than you think

Scotia Bank fucking sucks, I really do hate them. I set up my card for online banking, reset the password and than get kicked out saying that I have to call in and get set for Scotia Online. it seems many years ago when I left the bank due to them charging me fees for an empty account that I did not use I got them to close my account. I wanted to open one to get some mutal funds so I would need a banking account. They only have one ‘free’ banking account with no monthly charges. However it only comes with the ability to remove money from the account twice a month, and moving money from that account to a Mutal Fund counts as a transaction. That is so fucking useless, I have no idea why people bother to put up with that or any of it. Monthly fees and having every transaction taxed. Basically every account of theirs has a monthly fee.

I signed up for a CIBC account through PC Financial, it will cost $24 a year but at least this way I can easily move money into a fund at regular intervals, I am still pissed about it. I assume and hope that the management fees are at least less, probably not, they do make more money than Scotia.

Some people have said the roads really weren’t that bad, I haven’t really gone out to take a look though but there is still a lot of bad shit happening out there on the highway.

I put together my BBQ, I think the igniter bits are installed correctly, we’ll see in about 3 months time I guess, probably 4-5 actually. One of the legs wasn’t cut very cleanly and had a bit of metal inside of it that I needed a hammer to get a plastic piece in, overall not bad. Still kind of small but I’ll be mostly doing hot dogs and hamburgers anyways so it’ll be fine.

My sister has left on vacation so her kids are staying here for what I assume is one week. This is going to be loud and unpleasant, I did get them to help fill my fish tank to the top again, the water dropped in temperature quite a bit, I hope they can cope.

Plant Destruction

Kitty decided that he would have fun the last few days and tear apart the already dead aloe plant that is still planted. The other day he tore off a leaf and went running through the house with it. Yesterday he uprooted the whole plant again and made a huge mess in the kitchen with it. He was not only walking around with it but also playing with it and made sure to knock all of the dirt from the roots onto the floor. When he was done he went into the hall and gave his something horrible has happened meow until my parents finally came up the stairs to see what the matter was. The last few times he used that meow was when he knocked a vase off the fridge and when he knocked a ball off the tree. At least he know when to alert us to stuff.

Looks like I am not going into work today. I never realized before that the weather website has a seperate picture specifically for ice pellets. The roads look pretty bad and a traffic report said that the 401 was closed from Guelph to Cambridge due to weather, not traffic accidents or anything, they just thought the road was that bad, Westbound at least, Eastbound was still open apparently. This way at least I won’t have to put up with the temptation of eating at the Pizza Hut buffet today. Wednesday to Friday were especially bad as if I just realized the food I bring to lunch suck and that it is so close by and could fill me up so I won’t need another meal which is kind of important on Mondays. I was able to fight it off but it was hard to do sadly. I watched the clock and kept revaluating my hunger situation, was that a grumble, will this sandwich quench my hunger, pizza bread is so delcious.

Kathy and I have been nerding it up playing scrabble as of late, I hope it keeps my mind sharp I am paranoid that it may be slipping at my young tender age.

Rubber Eel
At the fish store on Saturday we saw these happy little guys swimming around, there were a lot of them actually in the tank and they were all just on top of eachother, it looked weird but they looked really neat and reminded me of my beloved rope snake. Unfortunately at $20 a pop and my current expenses I had to turn myself away from them.

After spending 45$ on a dance pad that can be used on all systems since we haven’t been able to find one prviously that was cheap and worked with the cube I find one for 15 bucks at Toys R Us. Saturday a grand adventure was had riding from Waterloo to the end of kitchener and than all the way to the other end of Waterloo. We only stopped into a few stores but the trip lasted 4/5 hours.

Maybe I’ll put the BBQ together today.

I slept in today. Either I was so asleep that I hit the alarm off and fell back to sleep in one motion or the cat turned off the alarm and than went to sleep downstairs on a backpack. He seems to like it, it is his nest away from his nest.

No DDR today for me, I read a chapter of which I didn’t completely understood andhelp my nephew with SOHCAHTOA. This took entirely too long as he had trouble moving variables from one side to the other and thought sin 30 was a variable. He won’t be building any silos any time soon.

I got a radio that an iPod can be pugged into, the box looks really cheap and the feature list on the side had two stickers over some features that were printed on the box that this product doesn’t apparently have. I also got a pretty pimped out tri pod, at least a sturdier one compared to my portable one. It has levels on it, I am so excited, and a crank.

Now I shall set my second alarm clock tonight and hope I wake tomorrow.

Kitty is a weird one

Sunday night the cat was laying on his back looking at the ceiling in the hallway. Some light and shadows appeared and danced on the ceiling a bit from the tv in the other room and he was completely taken in by it. It took a long time before anyone realized what he was actually doing.

Friday I ate at the Mandrin and i think it will be the last time in quite a while, it didn’t seem worth it to me, I guess it is too filling although the service is really good. I guess for the price you can’t go too wrong so maybe again.

Sunday I was invited to sra’s birthday party extravaganza where she cooked for all, except me. It was probably for the best from what I saw on the plates it looked good, just not good for dean, I mean there were carrots. Carrots should remain in the bedroom. When I went there I didn’t think of two things that could have been important, where to park and how to get home. That was easy enough to solve so no biggy. I felt really out of place there, especially since I haven’t really spoken or talked to any of those people, oh well I loosened up a bit near the end. Near the beginning I was panicing on the inside. If the party was in Waterloo or someplace where I knew the surroundings a bit better I might have tried to slip out, heh.

My class on Monday felt pretty much like all my other night classes. About an hour until it finishes and I just keep watching the clock. I did do the homework today although I procastinated a lot before starting it. Tomorrow I have to read for next class and than Thursday I can try the questions. I don’t have much time to myself with just work and this class, I sure am glad I didn’t take two. Than again I am trying to have my weekends free.

My bill’s frighten me. I still need to shave : /


Yes I am sick now, with now being yesterday around 4 when I noticed my throat feeling a little scratchy. It felt a little better after a litre of ice cream but this morning I feel much worse. I don’t think the chinease buffet helped any creating all sorts of grossness. At least I’m not throwing up yet but I did have harvey’s so that is still has a good chance of happening. I really should stop eating there at any Harvey’s I don’t know what they do but the burgers don’t look to be made from the greatest materials, too much filler and too precooked or dried out or something, it is just gross. I wish Laurier would get a Manchu Wok, they pretty much make the only chicken I will voluntarily and happily eat other than the chicken strips I make myself. That isn’t saying much I guess.

I feeel so drained and tired today, work is going to suck next week and so will class. It is part 2 and I had part 1 of this class 4 years ago, that probably isn’t a good thing. I didn’t think of that before, Christ I hope I can do this.