Sun is hot

And my arms looked pink by the time I go home, it sort of looked like I was glowing and radioactive, at least to me. Woke up at 8 and walked on a journey to seek out the best Telus phone. I discovered that there are cameras on all the phones because they are 0.3 MP, ick. There is a Nokia that is 2 but than I believe I’d have to get a micro SD card and still get it unlocked, blah, too much of a hassle and I don’t want to be raped with fees for doing stuff I should be able to do for free like put ringtones on my phone, oh well. So far it looks like it’ll be $100 out of my pocket.

I burnt my finger on a sparkler, as it was running down the pole I apparently grabbed the red hot part when the sparks were done flying, whoops. The hostess cake was selicious though, I don’t remember what it is called, Mr. Giggle? That’s funny.

So I got two free muffins from two seperate Jack Astor visits on Friday and a free meal from Casey’s, there Fish and Chips isn’t fish enough for me.

Tasks for me to do is
get cat food
get a phone
get some fishing supplies
get a dc fan for my car

Walker, Duck Ranger

Today was a lot of walking, after still feeling pretty gross from how much I ate yesterday from the nachos. And damn Jack Astor Nacho’s are good but with a drink they hit $15 bucks, those fuckers. Anyways I walked to the mall to get a new sticker for my car. I was still feeling pretty good but new from how my body was feeling I wouldn’t be able to bike anywhere as I had hoped originally so I kept walking across town. Took about an hour I think but I didn’t time it. Not much of a workout but it is a start at least. I think I have a few blisters on the bottom of my foot, hopefully they won’t annoy me too much. I left my hat behind when I went cell phone shopping with Crissy.

And what a pain in the ass it is, none of the stores can offer you any deals, they are just there to pretty much rope you into whatever plans that are set out and they all pretty much suck. They tend to have reduced features than before or higher fees or weird packages/bundles that make it too difficult to compare it with anything. Kathy was complaining before because the rates for her prepaid Virgin phone are going up, what was the cheapest provider out there is no more, she pays more per minute than I do with Telus when they first provided the service. I found out now that I can get a 25 cent a minute rate with them. I love my ghetto phone, so cheap.

Anyways I need a new hat. On the bright side I was thinking with all the hair on my head the hat seemed to be having difficulty staying on, not that it could be helped much, oh well, maybe I can get a more cowboyish style one in black.

Now to play Guitar Hero…tomorrow, today maybe Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Damn my left knee really hurts too.

Cheese and Nachos

Applebees nachos will not impress you at all, they are sad, small and flat. The cheese is good. One of my cheese sticks was actually 2 together, it was doubley yummy. The best part was that I didn’t almost die eating one this time. And of course I can’t find my previous entry of when cheese fell in my throat. I do talk about cheese a lot though.

I like watching these house shows that are always on just to see what a nice yard looks like. I’m not sure if I could do one, I wouldn’t want to actually spend the money on making it look nice. I kind of want to get a GPS to go geo caching with, It would give my summer walks and bike adventures that I plan on having actually giving it some goals. Oh well, as long as it isn’t skating. Katty should be glad she hasn’t hopped into bed yet, I am keeping it quite warm with my toots.

I still have three homework problems to do and read and make notes for the next chapter and prepare for the pop quiz next class.

Ordered a new desk online, looks OK ish, nothing fancy but functional and is well worth the 60 bucks that was paid for it.

Time for sleep.

Fringe and stuff

Busy busy weekend. Friday night I got to go to the Fringe festival at
Laurier. I also got to go on Saturday night. I liked just about all
the of the plays. There was just one play that I did not like as much
as the others, I was looking more for the comedy and it was just trying
to be smart and emo. There was an opera which was based off of the
Robert Munch book, Mortimer, Be Quiet. I voted for it as best play for
that day. Although most of the plays were funny some just went off in
weird tangents and it was like when they were writing they decided hey
lets just do this out of the blue, such as the random dance numbers.

Katty really enjoyed the 15 Minute Hamlet.

I guess diseases are flying around, Katty wasn’t feeling very well. She
takes a lot of vitamin C pills as well as ginseng and Cold FX when it
feels like she is getting close to sick, that helps keep her from
getting the worst symptoms but she does feel though just general
ickyness and weird body temperature changes.

This weekend I didn’t do too much, I went to Giant Tiger to get some 88
cent milk that was on sales, the one in Kitchener is the nicest one I
have been to. I think I have begun to curb my spending, My Visa and
Zellers card were over 1000 grand this month and Katty’s reached 800$.
I believe I will be getting a $500 return from school since I dropped
one of my classes, they just usually hold onto it until the end of the
term to consolidate it with anything else that they may have.

Right now I am actually writing this at work eating an apple really,
really wanting to walk to the Burger King down the street for a Whopper,
it is Wednesday after all. If it wasn’t Wednesday I would be really
wanting to go to Pizza Hut despite my Subway coupons.

Yesterday night I went through doing my assignment for Accounting, I
think I have most of it under control however there are a couple of
issues that I am uncertain about that don’t seem to be covered
adequately in the text. I’m not sure if the first part of the text
perhaps would cover it better but it is just a couple of holes that may
have been left open for simplicity’s sake. I still can’t seem to
remember exactly everything I needed to know for this assignment, I had
to go back into my text to review the appropriate sections. Tonight I
guess I’ll check the solutions and double check them with my answers as
well as do the answers for next, next weeks chapter.

I think Kitty is relieved to not have the kids around anymore, whenever
I came home he sought refuge in my room. The first day they were over
he just stayed in the basement and didn’t come out until he realized I
was home.

Kitty didn’t something cute the other day. We play this game where I pull on the sheets a bit from the end of the bed and he assumes that there is something under the sheet by his feet since he is being pulled a bit and must kill it immediately. He usually paws it a lot than goes in with his teeth. The other day he jumps up on the bed, walks a bit and than notices that the sheet beneathe his feet are wrinkling and moving a bit and with that he spontaneously jumps into action biting at the sheet until it is ‘dead’. Take that.

My first assignment for Business class is just about done, just need some clean up. Good thing I did most of it before hand, the MSN meeting thing did not work out the greatest.

I slept in today. Either I was so asleep that I hit the alarm off and fell back to sleep in one motion or the cat turned off the alarm and than went to sleep downstairs on a backpack. He seems to like it, it is his nest away from his nest.

No DDR today for me, I read a chapter of which I didn’t completely understood andhelp my nephew with SOHCAHTOA. This took entirely too long as he had trouble moving variables from one side to the other and thought sin 30 was a variable. He won’t be building any silos any time soon.

I got a radio that an iPod can be pugged into, the box looks really cheap and the feature list on the side had two stickers over some features that were printed on the box that this product doesn’t apparently have. I also got a pretty pimped out tri pod, at least a sturdier one compared to my portable one. It has levels on it, I am so excited, and a crank.

Now I shall set my second alarm clock tonight and hope I wake tomorrow.

Kitty is a weird one

Sunday night the cat was laying on his back looking at the ceiling in the hallway. Some light and shadows appeared and danced on the ceiling a bit from the tv in the other room and he was completely taken in by it. It took a long time before anyone realized what he was actually doing.

Friday I ate at the Mandrin and i think it will be the last time in quite a while, it didn’t seem worth it to me, I guess it is too filling although the service is really good. I guess for the price you can’t go too wrong so maybe again.

Sunday I was invited to sra’s birthday party extravaganza where she cooked for all, except me. It was probably for the best from what I saw on the plates it looked good, just not good for dean, I mean there were carrots. Carrots should remain in the bedroom. When I went there I didn’t think of two things that could have been important, where to park and how to get home. That was easy enough to solve so no biggy. I felt really out of place there, especially since I haven’t really spoken or talked to any of those people, oh well I loosened up a bit near the end. Near the beginning I was panicing on the inside. If the party was in Waterloo or someplace where I knew the surroundings a bit better I might have tried to slip out, heh.

My class on Monday felt pretty much like all my other night classes. About an hour until it finishes and I just keep watching the clock. I did do the homework today although I procastinated a lot before starting it. Tomorrow I have to read for next class and than Thursday I can try the questions. I don’t have much time to myself with just work and this class, I sure am glad I didn’t take two. Than again I am trying to have my weekends free.

My bill’s frighten me. I still need to shave : /

Sod to the lot of you

Work has been busy which is understandable since it is Christmas, heh. I still haven’t got anything for anyone and the usualy cheap stores did not have much. The local Liquidation World still had tonnes of the Radioshack crap that I mentioned before. I didn’t notice the RC boat before,oh well it wouldn’t be that fun, especially when it dies in the middle of a lake or something.

I’m surprised how quickly this weekend is coming up, just a few more days until the wedding. Not mine but someone else’s. Ha!

My nephew finally left his PS2 so now I can try to work out a bit, I feel very porky, especially today, I feel heavier, blah. It probably didn’t help that I bought 15 chocolate bars at liquidation world I just need to get a DDR game now. I haven’t been able to find any helpful reviews for DDR SuperNOVA which is dissappointing, most review sites just give a review like they didn’t get to actually play it which is likely. The people who have played it usually don’t give the greatest reviews since they are actually good at the game so they can’t describe difficulty to people who have difficulty with the game very well.

I still haven’t got my Wii yet, I want to play play play, this waiting part sucks.

Kathy’s roommate came over yesterday and got to spoil my cat. He was rolling around on the floor making weird sounds and going after the laser and protecting us from the squirrels in the trees.

I really need to clean up.

It was punk

Yeah it was perfect.

Now it’s awful

I raised more than the $150 I was expecting 470 or so isn’t too bad. Some of the ladies who went bald collected 700+

My head is cold now though, I was going to bic it when I got home but it was way too cold, I wore a touque all day at home afterwards and even in bed when I was going to sleep, I;m not sure if it is the lack of hair or just the weather in general but I am cold all the time. I can detect drafts from any direction now.

I stayed at work a little longer than I would want to lately, oh well.

As I type this Kitty is doing his broken purr and rubbing his head into my face, hand and laptop looking for love. His lip is still a little swollen but a lot better than it was, the animal hospital people keep calling me, I’m not sure if it is genuine concern or if they want to make some money off a perscription.

I have been eating salads as of late all though I still eat crap for dinner, mostly I never knew that cesar salad could be so good, I was kind of scared of salad because I woould always see it with all kinds of weird greens, oranges, blue horshoes and red balloons. I like it plain. That and a nutella sandwich are perfect. Although before lunch I have such bad cravings for BK or Pizza Hut lunch buffet, both are close to where I work. Sometimes I think I have a video game spending habit. I was tempted to get the new DDR game, I still am really and a new mat. I am also slightly tempted to go get guitar hero 2. Zellers updated their points system so I have $300 now worth of points, I could easily get both and some chocolate bars. I have been craving chocolate a lot lately. I just overall don’t want to spend any money, too much has flowed out already.

Kathy and I went costume shopping at the Stag Shop, well not really shopping just to see what they had, some of the stuff seemed like they were barely trying. The San Diego in the Mall didn’t have much either except a teen in the back of the store staring at the bongs with his head as close as possible to the glass case.

At Zellers there was a Superman costume and I read somewhere that it uses a fan to fill up, I kind of wondder how noisy it is, seems kind of dumb too.

Kathy is kind of stressed again lately, it is kind of hard for me to help since I seem to have the stress just roll off of me, I dunno, I guess I am broken like that.

I think I will fall asleep now. The cat has his but curled up into my armpit for warmth and comfort, for him.

no subject

My Brother-In-Law’s father had a heart attack on the weekend, he was visiting and staying with them when it happen. I wish I could help and make him feel better but I am not good at that kind of thing. My brother in law is taking it well enough I guess but I can see the pain that he is in. To think I just saw them playing Mexican Rummy not long before my vacation started.

I spend my long weekend at Kathy’s parent’s place. We went boating and fishing on the weekend and I caught two fishies, yay me. Than a cat fish snapped my line and almost broke katty’s pole. Spent most of the holiday with her folks, the drive there and back wasn’t as boring as it was the first time, we made good time too considering I was driving slower than the first time. It is difficult to drive and eat a sundae at the same time so Katty had to feed me, I felt so weird about it but I wanted my iced cream.

It started to snow today just as I got home, right now stuff is covered in light snow, the weather didn’t seem like it would snow despite the weather people calling for it for 2 days now.

This morning Kitty decided to help me wake up by putting his cold wet nose in my face and meowing. When I rolled over to the edge of the bed so he couldn’t get to me and covered my head in blankets he crawled on top of my head and than poked his head into my breathing hole in the blankets. I got up soon afterwards.

She really is a good kitty

Click the picture for a slightly bigger picture.

She really is, but she does do bad things. She pooped on the floor twice today and maybe one yesterday and in her litter too yesterday. I think Kitty might have been bugging her a bunch and like an old lady she was to scared to go to where she wanted to go.

Portugal lost today, I kept listening to the score updates on the radio hoping for good news which never came. Kathy and I won’t be getting out bongos although we did snag Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. My brain keeps getting younger at Brain Age but I am still very old game wise. Kathy really whips my ass at that game.

I remembered to take the trash out finally, there was lots of maggots in it. I opened up the other can which I didn’t put outside and there was lots of maggots in there too. The house is all clean, dishes are done, litters all changed, poop cleaned, windows opened and little shallow pools of vinegar lay about the house absorbing the rest of the smell.

Link!, Click Here. Whose Line is it Anyways with Richard Simmons.

I should host a bbq on the weekend or something, hopefully the BBQ will run well enough. Work has been good today, doing some interesting stuff today that kept me very busy. I need to take breaks from my monitor more often, my peepers need ther rest. I get to help construct a golf course, should be fun fun fun. Jenny told me I had a boogie hanging out of my nose, she is so helpful, god bless her heart. : )