Cheese and Nachos

Applebees nachos will not impress you at all, they are sad, small and flat. The cheese is good. One of my cheese sticks was actually 2 together, it was doubley yummy. The best part was that I didn’t almost die eating one this time. And of course I can’t find my previous entry of when cheese fell in my throat. I do talk about cheese a lot though.

I like watching these house shows that are always on just to see what a nice yard looks like. I’m not sure if I could do one, I wouldn’t want to actually spend the money on making it look nice. I kind of want to get a GPS to go geo caching with, It would give my summer walks and bike adventures that I plan on having actually giving it some goals. Oh well, as long as it isn’t skating. Katty should be glad she hasn’t hopped into bed yet, I am keeping it quite warm with my toots.

I still have three homework problems to do and read and make notes for the next chapter and prepare for the pop quiz next class.

Ordered a new desk online, looks OK ish, nothing fancy but functional and is well worth the 60 bucks that was paid for it.

Time for sleep.

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