W7D1 not completed, but close

Today was suppose to be a 25 minute running session. It is 11c outside today so I was really hoping that I could do it outside and really measure how far I am going. Unfortunately it is windy and my body doesn’t feel like it has the energy in it because I am sick. My hips and legs felt sore, probably because of how I lie on my side in the morning when I am sleeping, or just because I am sick. My back feels a little sore. I need to lose some weight to ease up the pressure on my back and knees, I wonder sometimes how much better I would feel as a result. I don’t think I have really lost any weight yet, but I am still eating like I normally would.

I ran on the treadmill today and to do the 25 minute run I had to pause twice so it took me 28 minutes, not bad overall. I had to slow down as I was going and eventually stop. My calves felt tired and I just felt drained. I have no idea if what I felt is due to being sick or I needed more electrolytes in me. I did slow down again and reduced the incline a little from 3 to 2. I don’t know how much the incline is tiring me out.

It felt hard to get past the first 5 minutes, and the next 5 and the next 5 minutes. I unfortunately had to give up, or at least pause. I tried my new shoes again, they felt fine this time around, not amazing but fine.

My next run is 25 minutes again, I hope I am feeling better for that one. My nose is runny right now, I don’t feel too drained overall but my legs overall feel pretty sore. sigh.

I’m going to call it done and move on to W7D2.

W6D3 done

Another week done, I was a little worried since it was my first time going back to running non stop, I did it on the treadmill again and I did slow down and lower the incline. My calves were burning up a little and feeling tight. My pace was apparently 9 minutes although it was 8 minutes 30 seconds on the track. I used my old shoes again, I should have switched up to my new ones to try them out, then again my feet are sore with my old shoes, they would have felt crappy with the new shoes. Maybe with the pegasus shoes they wouldn’t have been sore, just my calves. I really wish I could go outside to figure out how far I really am running, I don’t think I run faster on the track vs the treadmill but maybe I do because the incline on the treadmill makes me tired and slows me down.


2 10 minute runs, and I did it at the track this time. The second 10 minute session was tiring. I tried my new shoes and they seemed weird, not sure if it was from all my walking on the weekend or if it is the shoes. Walking around the hall of fame is damn tiring. The shoes seemed to have some bounce in the store but don’t seem to bounce when I run like the Pegasus shoes did.


Kicked it off and off I went, it was still too damn hard. I ran on the treadmill again and it is still hard. I can’t wait for the chance to run outside again, there were some days when I might have been able to but just couldn’t.

Getting close to 3k, even with the breaks it was tiring near the end.

W5d3 done


I wanted to run yesterday but work through a wrench into that plan. I couldn’t run at lunch and then it went long onto the night so I couldn’t use the track at the community centre. Today they were setting up for an event so I couldn’t go for a lunch run again. I got to use my parents treadmill and really didn’t feel like running today after work or at lunch but I tried and persisted and I did it.

My calves are burning today and it hurt at 6 minutes, I felt like giving up so much. Not sure if it was better or worse that I could see the time, probably worse since I could see each and every minute tick by. The amazing race was what I had on the tablet today, it helped a little bit but it was the first episode so it took a while to get interesting.

According to the treadmill me running for 20 minutes and walking for 3 put my on a place for 9 minutes a km. That is 45 minutes for a 5k. It just seems wrong. Near the end, I think with 7 minutes to go I slowed down from 4.6 to 4.4, eventually to 4.0 with an incline of 2 instead of 3. I am a sweaty mess, I hope it gets better or isn’t as bad at the track because I can’t go to work this sweaty. I don’t think I’ll run tomorrow, it is warning up on Saturday, maybe I can do an outdoor run.


W00t I did it. again it was at 4.6 mph but it took a lot out of me. I realized afterwards using my parents treadmill might not be the greatest idea since they have their thermostat set at 22c. It went OK, my legs felt OK afterwards, not sure if I should have chosen a higher speed but I don’t think I would have been able to complete the day.

I watched Hell’s Kitchen while running, it seemed to make the time go by a lot faster even though I already watched that episode. I am still sweating buckets while running, my run at work is going to be gross.

W5D1 is done

I did it on the treadmill again, my legs were tired but I was able to push on through. It was set at 4.5- 4.6. Not sure how much faster I could have gone, I don’t think much if at all. I did some calculations, to do a 6 minute pace I would have to have that set at 6 which the treadmill says is Sprint. I really wonder if the treadmill is messed up. Maybe it is in metric but then the speeds are messed up. Ho hum.

On the bright side I haven’t got that blood pooling feeling in my legs. I really didn’t feel like running today. In 2 sessions I’ll be doing 20 minutes straight on the track. This week went well last time and I was able to do W5D3 on the first try, I am hopeful I’ll be able to do it and beyond.

W4d2 done

And what a painful finish it was. Well it wasn’t painful but it was challenging. I ran again on a treadmill and the dry air seems to bother me. More troubling though is how winded I was. After every running session I was sticking wind hard and during the whole walking session between runs. Even the 3 minute runs were tiring me out.

I was getting physically tired at the end as well, that combined with how bored I was and how hard I was breathing during the run made it difficult for me to finish, I was thinking that I might just have to cut it short, I am surprised that I did finish. I did slow down, at one point I was doing 4.1 and I moved the incline from 6 down to 3. Hopefully I get to the track on Thursday to see what real life looks like compared to the treadmill. My treadmill runs have a much slower pace than track runs.

Week 4 day 1

So I screwed up, I thought this week was run for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes. Turns out it is actually 3, 5, 3, and another 5 minutes. I eased back on the speed on the treadmill from 5 to 4, sometimes I pushed it up to 4.5. I am thankful that I actually finished it because I wasn’t feeling that motivated and all I was doing was watching the clock and 20 seconds felt like forever. During the second 5 minute run I was already counting the time 30 seconds in. Montreal vs Carolina want passing the time very quickly, I hope Montreal starts playing well again.

When I did finish up it I was just a pile of sweat, this will make my lunch time runs more awkward and smelly. According to my time my pace was much slower than the week before, I didn’t think I was that much slower but I did have more walking although I did have more running time. Sigh. Ooh well this day is complete, hopefully I can do it 2 more times. Next week should be easier, it starts with three 5 minute runs.

W3D3 Done

Ran again on the track, went by OK. my calves felt very tight during the 3 minute runs. Not feeling confident about next week when I will have a 5 minute run in the mix. Hopefully I can push through it. I don’t seem to sweat very much until after I get dressed again. I have waited and walked around during my cooldown to give me time to get back to normal but I guess the cool air from the ice rink is keeping me from sweating immediately after I finish running. I guess I should use some water and sponge bath myself quickly around my neck.